Erika Jonsson Six Park by Erika Jonsson

As an accountant, Sarah Sorenson understands the ins and outs of finance more than most people.

“I’ve always been reasonably good with money and budgeting, but there’s always room to learn more,” she said. “I’m fortunate to have a good job, but I also don’t waste money.”

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Sarah has even greater motivation to make her money work hard as a single parent.

“It’s harder as a mum – there’s so much that you need to spend money on.”

Her main goal for investing is simple. “I’d like to be able to work a bit less in the future and have the ability to do things for myself – I’m not in that position now, so I’m hoping my investments will make that possible down the track.”

Having invested in property in the past, Sarah wanted a way to diversify without an enormous financial commitment.

“I used to have actively managed stocks but I spent so much time thinking about them and monitoring them, and I just don’t have time for that anymore.”

Sarah got to know members of Six Park’s management team when she was a triathlete, later deciding the company offered the right vehicle for her next investment.

“I opened my account as a way to support my friends, but it’s been a really great experience – it was easy to set up, the follow-up communication has been excellent and it’s been a good, cheaper way to diversify my investments.”

After years competing in triathlons, Sarah is currently training for her first amateur bodybuilding contest. It’s a sport that requires serious commitment and an understanding that small adjustments can make major differences.

“It’s something that I can do for myself that gives me my own time and my own interest.”

Sarah understands that investment growth doesn’t happen overnight.

“So many people want to get rich quick but that’s just not the way it works. I have friends who pay thousands to financial advisers who get no real value. I’m really happy with the approach I’ve taken and I have no concerns at all.”

Published August 30, 2017