This is for illustrative purposes to show the impact that high fees can have on the long-term investment results, by comparing investment portfolio advice and management fees.

Generic Portfolio Advice
Assumes 0.5% p.a. advisor fee, 1.5% p.a. indirect costs (estimated average retail managed fund fees for amounts below $100k) and 0.5% platform fees (based on average fees of 5 largest wrap providers in Australia as of 12/2014). Excludes establishment fees, additional brokerage, entry/exit or admin fees which may apply.

Six Park Advice
Six Park figures are GST-inclusive. Assumes (a) investment amount is the average monthly account balance for management fee calculations, (b) indirect ETF fees of 0.24% p.a. based on Six Park’s Balanced Portfolio. Excludes impact of any ETF spreads.

Assumes 7% p.a. investment returns over the period and no additional contributions or withdrawals. Fees are assumed to be deducted annually at the end of each year, based on the average of the starting balance and the ending balance (including investment returns) for the year.  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.