Amanda is a highly experienced executive and independent director with a background in marketing and communications. To manage the many demands of her professional career, Amanda uses yoga to help bring balance and serenity to her busy lifestyle. (That’s actually Amanda in the photo below, aloft and completely unphotoshopped!) Amanda was one of Six Park’s earliest clients and investors. Here’s her story of why she chose Six Park to help bring balance to her investment portfolio.

Why Six Park?

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The attraction of Six Park is the team, the expertise, track record and personalities on the Advisory Board and the rigour of a monthly Advisory Board review. I also trust the discipline imposed by the automated processes. Human beings are fallible and I’ve learnt through years of exposure that good processes can help counteract human fallibility. Six Park’s robo-advice platform takes out some of the emotion and the human behavioural elements that can sometimes be the downfall in an investment strategy. I am also pro-innovation and technology and Six Park is a great example of both.

How does Six Park fit with your overall investment approach?

I’ve been an investor for a long time and have pretty much done it all: direct stocks, LICs, unlisted funds, property and now Six Park. I’ve picked direct stocks myself, learning that professional stock pickers don’t always do a better job than myself. I’ve looked at boutique funds, listed funds and unlisted funds. When ETFs launched I invested directly with them, but asset allocation and selecting the right ETFs is an issue. Obviously something like Six Park, with the Advisory Board overlay, gives added comfort because they research the ETFs they use and screen for a particular bias.

How has your experience with Six Park been so far

So far I very much like what I have experienced. Six Park’s Advisory Board and platform are a powerful combination of human expertise that complements good automated processes. The service provides access to investments based on asset allocation, low fees and detailed reporting for my accountant. All up, its a winning combination. And, as a result I can spend more time on the yoga mat.

Published March 16, 2017