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Claire wanted a low-cost, low-effort way to invest for her children

Mother of two Claire Kidd wanted to take more control of her finances, but admits she didn’t start out feeling excited about the process.

“We’ve moved all over the world and that can become something of an admin nightmare from a financial perspective,” Claire says. 

She wanted a low-cost, low-effort way to invest for her children that wouldn’t add to her mental load.

“When our eldest was born, we set up a Raiz account for her and encouraged our families to contribute to that because we felt compounding would be a legacy for the kids. But Raiz is only good to a certain level, so we wanted something a bit more, including owning the investments in our own name.”

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Six Park allows you to set and forget

Claire first heard about Six Park through a financial mentorship program. 

“I had always been happy to think about the end result and our goals for our family, but I’d fallen into that trap of letting my husband do things because he enjoys that. 

“I realised now was the time to drive or at least co-pilot our family’s finances. But I didn’t want to be buying and selling constantly or expending mental energy on learning deeply about investing, so when Six Park was mentioned, it was the perfect solution.

“I feel like I still have input but I don’t have to do anything. It’s almost like a set and forget – for us once we opened our Six Park account and got it invested, we just didn’t have to worry about it anymore. We haven’t really had to think about it at all.”


Claire Kidd Six Park

Claire invested in a sustainable portfolio, which was an important consideration for her. She said the process of signing up and getting invested was “super-easy”.

“There were a few anomalies because we’re from overseas, but the customer service was fantastic and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. 

“Apart from that set and forget aspect, for us, the number one thing is knowing that the investments are as safe as they can ever be and we literally don’t have to do anything. It’s like paint by numbers accumulation.”

She sees Six Park as a great way to build wealth outside superannuation.

“I’m not sensitive to short-term performance – we’re confident in the strategy and the knowledge it’s a long-term plan. When we were signing up, it was reassuring to know that we could access the funds again if we really needed them. Having moved around the world a lot, we haven’t always been getting super – Six Park helps us manage and control the funds we have.” 


Six Park’s focus on education is important for financial confidence

Claire says that education, and being pointed in the right direction, make a big difference to financial confidence.

“Even with a little bit of education, people may still panic when markets go up and down – getting set up is straightforward, but the education piece is really important too. 

“There are so many ways to educate yourself, but it’s still kind of shocking to me that even people around Australia can think that the stock market is for millionaires and that it’s not for them.” 


Start building your wealth with Six Park for as little as $6.25 a month. Take our free online assessment and we’ll give you an investment recommendation. You can then choose between our essential or sustainable portfolios. 


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Published May 28, 2021

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