David Blumenthal Six Park by David Blumenthal

“I didn’t know anything about share investing and Six Park was easy to set up and use; I wasn’t confused at all.”

With previous investments under his belt, 35-year-old Melbourne IT professional Brent Snook turned his attention to the stock market and found the Six Park online investment management service.

What inspired you to have a look at the Six Park offering?

“I work in IT and heard about Six Park through friends working on the initial set-up of Six Park, and that they were actually using the platform to invest. It was the kind of product I was looking for to help me with my introduction to investing in the share market.”

What made you decide to take the investing plunge with Six Park?

“It was nice and clean, well-designed and the most important information was there on the dashboard. It was simple and not at all threatening for someone who hasn’t invested in stocks before”.

“The online process was straight-forward and fast, I just had to wait for my Macquarie Bank account to be set up and I put money in and was on my way.”

How is the service and investment performing so far?

“I’m really enjoying it so far. It is returning more than a savings account in a bank, so that is worthwhile, but I expect that to really understand how it is going it will take at least a year or even longer.

“It’s great to have the summary of the returns on shares and funds on the dashboard. I haven’t learnt as much as I’d like to about investing yet, but Six Park allows me to see how my assets are performing and to see things going up or down. Six Park has been proactive in telling me to expect a certain number of negative returns through the year so I can understand the ebb and flow.”

“Having the experience of the Investment Advisory Committee is definitely a positive.”

NOTE: As of 27 March 2017, Brent’s portfolio with Six Park has generated investment returns of approx. 9% (net of fees since original investment on 3 May, 2016), driven by gains in Emerging Markets, International Shares and Australian Shares. Poorer performers have been Bonds and Property. At Six Park, we believe that a diversified portfolio provides optimal risk adjusted long term returns, as holding defensive asset classes (such as cash yield and bonds) can help buffer losses if share markets move down, which is an inevitable part of market cycles over time.

Published March 26, 2017