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Shannon Jenkins epitomises the “juggle” of modern motherhood.

She balances her full-time business law and political science study with part-time work, as well as being the sole carer for her young son, William.

Six Park case study Shannon Jenkins

Shannon was born in Perth but spent most of her life in England until returning to Australia in September 2017 with her then-partner.

When their relationship ended last year, Shannon realised how much she had depended on her partner to manage their finances.

“I was here on my own, working on finishing my degree, and I was trying desperately to make sure I didn’t sink,” she recalls.

“I was watching YouTube videos on personal finance and I knew I wanted to start investing but I didn’t feel comfortable doing it all on my own.”

Shannon read an article about female investors using online investment management, comparing Six Park with other services before becoming a client.

“I read Six Paper’s paper for female investors and it really resonated for me,” she says.

“I really like the ongoing correspondence and education – it counters the idea of ‘robo-advice’ because it feels very human and engaged.”

Shannon describes the process of becoming an investor as “empowering”.

“My knowledge and confidence are really improving because it’s been an ice-breaker. The most important thing was to get started.

“I’m busy and there’s always a lot going on in life, so it’s great that I don’t feel like I have to think about my investments every day. It’s satisfying seeing the returns going up – my bank account was only earning about 2%.”

Shannon, who is saving for a home deposit, says she has become more conscious and careful of how she spends her money.

“Being a mum gives you this immense sense of purpose – ensuring my own financial security is ultimately about securing my son’s future.”

When she finishes her study, Shannon hopes to address educational equality through the Teach For Australia program, which allows talented graduates a fast-track into education roles in disadvantaged communities and schools.

“I’ve always been interested in questions of society and how we organise ourselves – education is a big driver for improving society,” she says.

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Published July 3, 2019