Investing with Six Park

Our minimum investment amount is $2,000. We offer reduced fees for larger portfolios over $200,000.


Yes, absolutely. Just set up your account and start making deposits.

Once your account balance reaches $2,000, your account balance will be invested into your accepted investment portfolio. Note that you don’t pay any fees until your account balance is invested.

Everyone’s situation is unique, and there are many factors, including your personal needs and circumstances, that you need to consider carefully before making a decision about how much to invest.

You may wish to consult your accountant or adviser to help you work out how much you realistically have available to invest and can afford to lose.

As a general rule, we recommend that you start by ensuring that you are actually “ready to invest”. This means ensuring (among other things) that you are regularly earning more money than you are spending, your debts are under control, you have budgeted carefully to understand your ongoing financial needs and you have determined from all this analysis how much “spare cash” you can afford to put at risk. From this amount, you should then set aside a contingency fund to cover at least three to six months of expenses – just to ensure you have a safety buffer in case any unforeseen emergencies or events arise.

The balance remaining would then be something you could consider investing in line with your financial objectives, risk appetite and target investment horizon. This figure should always only be an amount that you have can afford to lose if things don’t go as planned.

Part of your investment could include a portion allocated to a well-diversified, thoughtfully constructed and low-cost portfolio of assets like the ones we offer at Six Park.

Your account balance will be invested in one of the five types of Six Park investment portfolios – Conservative, Conservative Balanced, Balanced, Balanced Growth or Aggressive Growth.

Each Six Park investment portfolio contains a mix of up to seven different classes of assets – namely Australian shares, hedged and unhedged international shares, emerging market shares, global listed property, global infrastructure, bond/fixed income and high-interest cash deposits.

Each investment portfolio features a carefully selected blend of our preferred exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to provide the optimal risk/return balance for a specific investor profile. The percentage allocated to each ETF depends on a range of factors, including your assessed risk profile and investment goals. Read more about our selected ETFs.

Yes, you can. Each of the five types of Six Park investment portfolios offers standard investment (Six Park Essential) and sustainable investment (Six Park Sustainable). Our sustainable portfolios retain the same growth:defensive asset class profiles as the Six Park Essential portfolios.

Our sustainable portfolios use sustainability-oriented ETFs for exposure to Australian and international equities (both hedged and unhedged). They also omit exposure to emerging markets, as this is an asset class that is more likely to include companies with practices that are at odds with sustainable philosophies. Read more about our sustainable portfolios.

To invest in a sustainable portfolio, simply take our online assessment, which will establish your risk profile and how long you plan to invest. You’ll then receive an investment portfolio recommendation and you can choose between our standard or sustainable portfolios.

All your Six Park investments are owned directly by you in your own name. Your money is never held by Six Park directly or pooled with any of our other clients.

When you invest through us, two accounts are established on your behalf. The first is a Cash Management Account (CMA) with Macquarie Bank, which is used to receive your investment monies, fund your Six Park investments and collect any future distributions and asset sales.

The second account is an online brokerage account with OpenMarkets, an execution-only-stockbroking business, which is used to undertake your investment trades.



Over time, as the different kinds of assets in your portfolio deliver different returns, the composition of your portfolio can drift away from your targeted asset allocation mix. This can inadvertently result in an increase in your risk exposure, particularly if the mix becomes concentrated to higher risk (and potentially overpriced) asset classes and underexposed to more conservative investments.

For these reasons, it is important that portfolios be periodically “rebalanced” back to their target asset mix.

A wealth of research studies have shown that rebalanced portfolios generate higher returns and with less volatility than portfolios that were allowed to drift. Read more about this in the “Moving Beyond Set and Forget” section of our Investment Philosophy.


We trade accounts once a quarter, with the quarterly dates following the payment of dividends. Our quarterly trading dates are listed inside your Six Park dashboard.

Outside of that timeframe, there are three potential triggers for an account trade:

  • You retake the online assessment and your risk profile changes as a result;
  • Your investment portfolio’s assets have materially drifted from their target asset allocation, which can happen over time as markets move and certain asset classes outperform or underperform others; or
  • The Six Park Investment Advisory Committee makes a change to your investment portfolio’s target asset allocation. 

If you’d like to trade more frequently than our quarterly cycle, you can choose to use the “trade on demand” feature inside your Six Park dashboard. Please note that there is a fee if you choose to trade on demand. 


The ETFs in our portfolios have been selected by our investment team based on a meticulous review process. Our selection process takes into consideration a range of factors, including fund size, liquidity, tracking error and relative costs. We regularly review these selections to ensure they represent the best available investment options for our clients.


Sorry, no.

All of our investment portfolios – and the blend of ETFs within them – have been carefully selected by our investment team. They represent the application of our team’s investment and asset management experience and have been specifically constructed using the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory to optimally match different risk profiles and investment horizons.

Changing this composition could materially (and perhaps unintentionally) change the risk/return profile of your investment – and is not something we therefore recommend or support.


We understand that things in life can and do change from time to time. You might face new work circumstances, be welcoming a new family member or just wanting to shift your goals and priorities.

Whatever the situation, it is important that you let us know about these changes as soon as possible so that your investment plans remain relevant and appropriate.

While we will periodically help you reassess your circumstances, investment objectives and risk tolerance as part of our annual client reviews, you can retake the risk assessment at any time. Simply log in and review your investment strategy.


In the event that Six Park ceases operations, your investments and cash would remain accessible, as they are all held in your own name. You would continue to own and have access to any surplus cash in your Cash Management Account with Macquarie Bank.

Likewise, all of the ETFs in your Six Park portfolio would continue to be held in your own name – via your personal Holder Identification Number (HIN) associated with your stockbroking account with OpenMarkets. This HIN formally identifies you as the registered title holder of those ETFs on the Australian Stock Exchange’s CHESS sub-register. You would always have the option to instruct a different broker of your choosing to liquidate or transfer these ETF holdings.

The details of both your Cash Management Account with Macquarie Bank and your HIN with OpenMarkets will be provided to you when you first invest with us and are also available online via our website.

We have invested heavily in system security, as well as client privacy protection.

Our platform has been built using modern, well-maintained development frameworks that are regularly updated to patch security vulnerabilities. We automatically encrypt your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Passwords are encrypted using one-way hashing algorithms. This means that if our databases are somehow compromised, your passwords remain secure.

Once your information reaches our servers, it resides in data centres with extensive physical and environmental controls, as well as strict staff access protocols. Backups are maintained on equally secure, redundant storage to make sure we can always restore in the event of a disaster.


Why Choose Six Park

We believe that Six Park is the leading low-cost provider of the highest quality automated investment management service. Compare our fees and the experience of our team with any other provider.

Additionally, we have invested significantly in system security, scalability and a great client experience.

There’s nothing to stop you from setting up and managing your own investment portfolio of ETFs using a traditional broker or financial planner.

It can be time-consuming and challenging to evaluate all the available investment options, and it can also be pretty difficult to regularly review and rebalance your portfolio as it drifts from your target thresholds. It may also be more expensive to DIY than you realise – you need to buy multiple shares and trade them and rebalance on an ongoing basis, each time incurring fees. Even seasoned professionals typically fail to meet their benchmark index’s performance.

For an affordable fee, Six Park saves you the time and energy it takes to build and maintain a well-diversified investment portfolio. We provide asset allocation guidance, set up your accounts, establish and rebalance your investments, and ensure you remember to check in on your goals and position at least once a year.

Most traditional funds are “actively managed”. This means they focus on trying to “pick winners” (by selecting investments that are expected to outperform) or “time the market” (or try to take advantage of predicted market surges and contractions).

There is a growing body of research – both in Australia and globally – showing that the vast majority of actively managed funds actually fail to outperform their target benchmarks on a consistent and persistent basis. Numerous studies have also shown that investors who try to time the market usually end up with lower returns than those who simply “buy and hold”.

At Six Park, we are strong advocates of passive investing. Rather than trying to beat or time the market, our focus is on providing our clients with exceptionally low-cost, broad-based and globally diversified portfolios. We overlay this approach with an engaged, thoughtful and continuous review of asset allocation and risk management strategies. We believe this approach is the best avenue for creating long-term wealth.

Six Park Fees

You can find out about Six Park’s fees here.  In summary:

  • $6.25 per month on investment amounts $2,000 – $4,999;
  • $9.95 per month on investment amounts $5,000 – $19,999;
  • 0.5% per annum charged monthly on investment amounts $20,000 – $199,999;
  • 0.4% per annum charged monthly on investment amounts $200,000 – $499,999; and
  • 0.3% per annum charged monthly on investment amounts $500,000 or more.

Aside from Six Park’s direct charges, your investments will incur certain indirect costs. These costs are not charged or collected by Six Park but are instead reflected in the underlying price of your investments.

ETF management fees

As with any other managed fund, each ETF in your portfolio will charge management fees to cover the fund’s administrative and operating costs. These fees flow to the ETF issuer (not Six Park) and are incorporated in the share price of the ETF.

The average ETF management fees for our portfolios currently range from 0.22% to 0.26% per annum – which is generally much lower than you would incur by investing in a typical managed fund and/or investing directly in the same exposure of individually purchased securities.


Like any listed security, there are invariably differences between the price at which people are willing to sell and buy an ETF at any point in time. This is known as the bid-ask spread. The size of the bid-ask spread – as well as its proximity to the ETF’s underlying net asset values – affects the price at which an ETF can be bought or sold and will therefore (indirectly) affect your overall investment returns.

We only charge for trading if you elect to trade on demand, outside our usual trading conditions.

We keep our costs low by using smart technology and automation, by keeping our overheads lean and by focusing our offering on low-cost ETFs. As a result, our fees can be significantly lower than those charged by typical financial planners.

Yes. The fees and costs of investing can have a dramatic impact on portfolio returns, particularly over the longer term.

Put simply, every dollar saved in trading commissions and management fees is an extra dollar available for investment and earnings potential. Over time, even small differences in fees and costs can add substantial additional returns. Keeping costs low allows you to retain as much of your well-earned returns as possible.


You will not be charged fees for establishing your CMA or for depositing or withdrawing any funds.

In certain limited instances, Macquarie may charge fees for the provision of additional services (for example, providing an audit letter or requesting paper statements). Details of these standard fees are available online on Macquarie’s website or by emailing [email protected].

Yes – if you are a Six Park client and a friend signs up for a new account using your unique referral code, we will waive your Six Park investment management fees for 90 days for each referral. We will also waive our investment management fee for 90 days for your friends.

Your friends need to use your unique referral code to ensure you both receive your referral benefit.

You can read more about the referral program when you log into your account by clicking on the “Refer a friend” menu item.


We don’t pay income or capital gains taxes on your behalf. At the end of each tax year, you will receive tax statements from Six Park and/or the underlying ETF issuers. These statements will list the various components of income and capital gains relating to your investments. You or your accountant can then use these to prepare your income tax return.

Generally tax statements are available by the end of September  – although the exact timing will depend on when such information is released by the relevant issuers of your ETF investments.

Investing for kids

There are two main ways to invest on behalf of a child who is aged under 18:

  • A parent or relative signs up as a client: Using this method, the investment portfolio is legally held in your name. When setting up the account, you will be asked to provide an “account designation”, in which you should enter the name of the child/children who are the beneficiaries of the investment account.
  • Using a family trust: You can set up a discretionary family trust with a child as a beneficiary, and then the trust invests via Six Park. Legally, the assets are held in the name of the trustee.

As part of the account creation process with Six Park, you’ll need to supply a copy of the child’s birth certificate to show they are under 18 years old.

Six Park can’t offer tax advice, so you may wish to speak to a tax adviser or accountant about the advantages and disadvantages of each option from a tax perspective.

Six Park believes investing for a child is an important way to harness the power of compound interest over time to grow wealth.

To help that process along, Six Park waives investment management fees for 90 days when you open an account for a child.

You’ll need to enter the child’s name in the account designation field and email a copy of the minor’s birth certificate to [email protected] to show they are under 18 years old.

Six Park can’t offer tax advice, so we highly recommend that you seek advice from your accountant to assess the tax implications of opening an account for a minor, and the best investment structure for your circumstances.

The investment account will earn dividend income during the course of the year and incur possible capital gains events if/when the account is periodically rebalanced. The person/entity who needs to report such tax information each year will depend on the investment structure you set up.

Additionally, if/when the investment account is transferred to the minor when he/she becomes an adult, the transfer may trigger a capital gains event at that point, depending on the structure, and also when the investments are ultimately sold.

We generally rebalance accounts no more than once every 90 days, when your Macquarie cash management account (CMA) balance has reached $5000. More detail about rebalancing can be found in the “Investing with Six Park” section of our FAQs.

You are not committed to anything after the initial investment (minimum $2,000) and you can make contributions whenever you like. So you can just add money to the account at your discretion (birthdays, special events, etc).

Simply deposit funds into the CMA. You’ll have an account number and BSB for the CMA, which will be in your name.

Anyone who has the CMA details can add funds to the CMA. The tax consequence or benefits of such gifts should be discussed with your tax adviser or accountant.

Like any bank account, the only person who can withdraw funds is the account holder. That means the adult who created the investment account would be able to withdraw funds.

When the assets are eventually transferred to the minor, the bank account will be re-established in their name.

Please note: The transfer of assets does not occur automatically – you will need to decide when this occurs and advise Six Park accordingly. We recommend you discuss this with your accountant or tax adviser in advance.

No, they can’t. Only the adult who opened the investment account can withdraw funds.

The account is like any other investment account, held in your name, until transferred to another beneficiary. So, you could open the account and two days later sell down and close it yourself. But the minor cannot.

The transfer of assets does not occur automatically. It is entirely up to you to keep the account in your name and not transfer the assets. The CMA would be in your name so you control who ends up owning the assets and having access to the cash.

This would depend on what has been arranged in the will of the adult who opened the investment account.

The intention to designate the account to the child remains with the account, but this is not a legally binding nomination.

We recommend you consider making your intentions clear in your will.

When the account is transferred to the child, the process includes creating a new Holder Identification Number (HIN) for the minor (now an adult) and then transferring the assets to the new owner. Our trading partner charges a transfer fee for each ETF.

There are no other administration or trading costs involved.

You need to consider any tax consequences when setting up the legal structure of the investing entity.

Yes. As the legal owner of the account, you would be responsible for the tax consequences of income during the year as you would quote your Tax File Number.

We recommend that you consult your accountant or tax adviser before setting up your account.

Yes, the statement of earning is issued to the account holder. As the legal owner of the account, you would be responsible for the tax consequences of income during the year as you would quote your Tax File Number.

We recommend that you consult your accountant or tax adviser before setting up your account.

When the beneficiary becomes the owner of the assets, he/she would become responsible for reporting the income and paying the tax on earnings for each financial year.

When the beneficiary sells down some/all of the account (for house deposit), then the beneficiary may be responsible for any capital gains tax that might be a result of selling the assets.

Managing your Six Park account

The first step is to complete a short online assessment. This helps us understand your personal circumstances, financial goals and risk tolerance and also allows us to determine whether our investment portfolio options are appropriate for you.


At the present time, only Australian residents are able to open an account with Six Park. We accept applications from individuals (in their own name or jointly with others), companies, trusts and self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs). You will need to have a valid email address and if you are under 18 years old, you will need to a guardian to apply on your behalf.


We currently have a minimum investment amount of $2,000.

No, Six Park takes care of opening all the required accounts for your investment portfolio.

You’ll receive easy-to-follow instructions along the way if you need to supply any documentation.

Sorry, no.

To keep things simple and low-cost, we focus primarily on the investments that you make with us – and ensuring that this process is seamless and easy-to-understand.


Sorry, no.

When you invest through us, we arrange for a new Cash Management Account to be opened up with Macquarie Bank – even if you already have an existing Cash Management Account with Macquarie or another bank.

Doing this ensures your Six Park investments can be readily tracked, viewed and audited using our systems and that the performance and costs of your Six Park investments are not complicated by the potential intermingling of other funds and transactions.


Sorry, no.

When you invest with us, we arrange for a separate online brokerage account to be set up (in your own name) with OpenMarkets. This account will be used to execute all your investment trades with Six Park – regardless of any other broking arrangements you may have.

OpenMarkets is a technology-driven, execution-only stockbroking business that specialises in low-cost, online trading solutions. Using OpenMarkets ensures your trading activity is completely integrated with our automated systems and fully trackable and auditable. It also allows us to keep our fees as low as possible.

Absolutely! You can top up your Six Park investment at any time by depositing funds into your linked Six Park Macquarie Cash Management Account. Additional contributions can be on a one-off, ad hoc transfer or part of your regular savings regime.

For cost and practicality reasons, additional contributions will be kept in your Cash Management Account until the accumulated balance makes the purchase of new ETF units economical.

You can deposit money into your Macquarie Cash Management Account through funds transfer, BPAY®, or direct debit.

Six Park does not charge any fees for adding funds to your account, but please note that additional funds will only be traded when they meet our rebalancing threshold, which is outlined in your statement of advice.

Many banks have daily limits for funds transfer – these limits vary considerably. If the total amount you intend to deposit is larger than your daily limit, you can make deposits over several days or you can try BPAY®, which typically allows bigger amounts.

Funds transfer

To transfer funds into your Macquarie CMA from another account, you’ll need to request a transfer and provide your CMA account details. You can find your Macquarie CMA account number in your Six Park account dashboard under “Settings”. The Macquarie BSB is 182 512. If you use online banking, this function is usually called “Funds transfer” or “Pay anyone”.


To send funds to your Macquarie CMA via BPAY®, your financial institution needs to be a BPAY® payer. Use the following details to make the transaction.

  • Biller code: 667022
  • Reference number: your Macquarie CMA number

You can find your Macquarie CMA account number in your Six Park account dashboard under “Settings”. Please note: BPAY® deposits usually take two business days to clear.

Direct debit

Direct debits are the easiest way to automate regular deposits into your Macquarie CMA. The minimum direct debit amount is $250 per transaction, which can be set-up as a one-off or set to recur weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. The deposits must come from an account(s) in the same name.

To establish a direct debit from an account with another financial institution, complete the Direct Debit Request form and return it to Six Park at [email protected]. You will need to provide an account statement (that is less than six months old) for the account you are debiting.

To request a withdrawal, simply drop us an email with your requested details to [email protected].


Yes. You will need to complete a separate risk assessment and open a separate Six Park account for each portfolio that you want to establish with us. This allows each account to be tailored to the relevant investor’s risk profile and for the performance/financial position to be separately tracked, audited and reported upon.



An Exchange Traded Fund (or ETF for short) is an investment fund that can be bought and sold on the share market (like a share). Each ETF holds a pool of underlying assets – such as shares, bonds or commodities – and will typically aim to track a particular market index (e.g. an Australian equities ETF may seek to track the ASX200 index). However, rather than selecting individual investments or specific managed funds, ETFs usually invest broadly within and across their entire index of interest. That is, they literally buy the whole index (or a very close subset) that they seek to track, allocating their funds across every (or almost every) share/bond/asset in the same proportion that those shares/bonds/assets represent of the underlying market. In doing so, ETFs basically mimic the performance of their targeted index – but with low costs and high tax efficiency.

Being readily tradeable on the share market, ETFs represent an excellent vehicle to provide investors with a low-cost, highly diversified and immediate exposure to specific target asset classes.

Find out more about our selected ETFs.

About us

Six Park is a privately owned Australian company, founded and majority-owned by a team of highly experienced professionals. Led by co-founders Pat Garrett as co-CEO and Brian Watson AO as Chair of the Investment Advisory Committee, the Six Park team has more than 100 years of experience spanning investment and portfolio management, digital and online operations, strategy and finance. Meet the team.


Yes. Our company Six Park Asset Management Pty Limited is an Authorised Representative of Bespoke Portfolio Pty Ltd (ACN 136 853 819). Bespoke Portfolio has an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL Number 341991) and is authorised by ASIC to deal in general financial services products to retail and wholesale clients. As an Authorised Representative of Bespoke, Six Park is authorised to provide various specified financial services on Bespoke’s behalf.


Our approach to investment is founded on the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, one of the most widely accepted tools for investment portfolio management. We believe the best way for most investors to achieve their investment objectives is to adopt a well-diversified, thoughtfully constructed and affordable portfolio that is regularly rebalanced and reviewed. Read more about our investment philosophy.


You can email us at any time with any questions you may have. We will attempt to get back to you on the following business day, if not sooner. Alternatively, you can chat with us directly by using live chat on our website or giving us a call on 1300 851 779 during business hours.