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Head of Partnerships appointed

Six Park has appointed senior finance executive Ha-Dieu Ford as Head of Partnerships as the company consolidates its business-to-business (B2B) activities.
Six Park co-founder Pat Garrett with his family as a child at 6 Park Avenue. A nostalgic, sepia photograph.
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How to weather investing storms

When Six Park co-founder Pat Garrett's father died, he had to become an investment manager very quickly. He received some valuable advice from fellow co-founder Brian Watson AO: for most people, the best thing to do in times like we are experiencing now is to sit tight, stay calm and let markets rebound over time.
News and opinions

What’s going on in the world right now? Six Park’s investment committee members share their views

Australia’s interest rates are at record lows and, around the world, unsettling events and divisive politics are dominating headlines and rattling financial markets. So how do you separate the real issues from the "noise"? Six Park’s Investment Advisory Committee members, who each bring a unique lens to the committee’s deliberations, share their personal observations on the current economic and political climate.