Patrick Garrett Six Park by Patrick Garrett

Christine Metcalfe | Co-founder Ark Clothing Company

The founder of Melbourne-based Ark Clothing Company, Christine Metcalfe took a clothing label to the next level with innovative style and brilliant travel workshops.

In a seeming paradox for a clothing brand, she’s taught women to pack for a month away, taking just a carry-on bag.

Christine has carried this efficiency into her investing strategies. Six Park appealed to the couple initially because of the high calibre of the Advisory Board.

My husband and I were recommended to Six Park through Brian Watson. We were keen to hear his suggestions and investment advice. Once we looked at Six Park- all we had to do was decide how much we wanted to invest and then go for it. We have a range of investments including a mix of shares, funds and property and have more than dipped our toes in, putting about a 10th of our investments into Six Park’s platform.

“We were very impressed looking at the Six Park Advisory Board as they have decades of experience in finance and we trust their wisdom.

“The website is very easy to use and very user-friendly.” When I initially went online, I made a mistake but Six Park was there to help immediately. So even though you aren’t dealing with anyone face-to-face, you feel like there is someone there to help and assist.

“My husband and I also have part of our superannuation in a managed fund, and I find Six Park easier to interact and deal with.

“If all goes well, we will give it a year or two, and potentially invest more, and or advise our three kids now aged 30, 28 and 25, into the platform.

It is an excellent platform to introduce people to investing as it is so user-friendly. You can check to see how your assets are going and potentially put more in. This would be a great way for someone who isn’t investing savvy to get into the market and grow their wealth.

“It’s been so easy to use, incredibly user-friendly and we trust the competence of the board and the people involved. I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses and am already recommending it to others.

Published October 26, 2016