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After graduating from an engineering degree and starting to establish his career, Jacob Pollard realised it was probably a good time to think about investing.

“It was something my peer group from uni started to discuss – once you start working and get some tangible income behind you and your savings become more than what you need from day to day, what do you do?” Jacob recalls.

“At the same time, bank interest was starting to decline.

“I’d never been that interested in investing, but that was probably when it changed.”

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Not trying to time the market

Jacob started listening to podcasts on business and investing, which was how he first heard about Six Park.

“I started out with what was then the minimum investment of $10k. I had the account ready and I didn’t invest it straightaway – I suppose I tried to time my entry but the market kept going up and I thought it was more important to get in and go from there,” he says.

“At times I’ve tried to invest or pick stocks just to see what it’s like; I’ve had a bit of success dollar-wise but I’ve moved away from it again because I just found it fatiguing. I trialled it and I’ve thrown it away now. I just wanted to be able to switch off from the news and the daily cycle as well, and just let the investment grow over time.”

Jacob, who lives in Melbourne and works in business consulting, has added to his initial investment consistently in the past four years, including during 2020’s COVID volatility.

“I was very comfortable during the downturn in 2020 – it didn’t worry me. It might have been different if I’d just started out, but I’d already experienced a bit of a dip when I started so I really looked at it as part of the market cycle and just kept investing,” he says.

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Simplicity and streamlined service

Jacob says the simplicity and streamlining that Six Park offers for his financial situation is the most valuable part of the service.

“I get paid monthly and just transfer a set percentage into my Six Park account each month and that’s as much as I think about it,” he says.

“I check what’s happening but I don’t have that mental load of making decisions or thinking about whether to sell or buy.”

He says that, since he’s been a client, a number of his friends have also successfully used Six Park to grow their wealth to contribute to property purchases.

“It’s a very positive experience – I’ve always been very happy with Six Park’s service.”

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Published November 12, 2021

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