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When Kym Rowles started looking for a smart way to invest, she knew she wanted something affordable and straightforward.

“I’ve worked around financial planners for 10 years and I’ve been lucky to be exposed to a lot of conversations and generous insight from people who’ve helped my understanding of investing,” she says.

“I wanted something that I felt was a smart and efficient way of investing.

“So I started with research and found Six Park – I did a bit more research and considered different options, but I wanted something that was smarter than just a term deposit and I thought, why not give it a go?”

Kym Rowles


A seamless and enjoyable experience

Kym, her husband and their two children moved to Perth from Sydney six years ago for a career opportunity. They weren’t initially sure the move would be permanent but loved the lifestyle, spending a lot of time at the beach and outdoors as a family.

“We’d sold a house and bought a house and found we just had some money sitting there. I thought, what else can I do with it? I have a share portfolio, so I wanted to try something different, something I didn’t have to think about,” Kym says.

“The application process was seamless, I felt the level of communication was great; overall, it’s been an enjoyable experience. The online portal is very easy to use and visually pleasing.”

Kym, who works in client experience for a financial institution, was familiar with the concept of robo-advice as she’s an admirer of Sallie Krawcheck, the founder of female-focused US robo-adviser Ellevest.

“It’s an affordable, efficient and smart way of investing.”


Set and forget investing

She says her Six Park investment has delivered great performance and has been largely a “set and forget” exercise.

“I’ve only logged on a couple of times because I didn’t invest the money to monitor it all the time. I want it to work for me in a positive way over the long term.”

Kym says two significant factors had reassured her when she was setting up her portfolio.

“The link to Macquarie and the knowledge it was held in a CMA was helpful, as well as the experience of the Six Park directors and the investment committee. That made me feel a lot more confident in what I was doing.”

She hopes that robo-advice and services such as Six Park become more mainstream and open up investing to a new group of people.

“I have conversations with friends and family – you have to do your own research, but to me, it’s still not that commonly known. Understanding is key,” she says.

“Six Park provides me with a low-cost option for investing. I wanted to do something, and Six Park has helped me to do it.”


Get started with Six Park

Start building your wealth with Six Park for as little as $6.25 a month. Take our free online assessment and we’ll give you an investment recommendation. You can then choose between our essential or sustainable portfolios.

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Published October 29, 2021

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