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The challenge: A better way to build wealth than cash in the bank

Marcus Zanzotera

In early 2019, Marco Zanzotera, the head of operations for an e-commerce company, reached a financial turning point.

“I was in that period of my life that I had enough money that I wanted to do more than leaving it in the bank, but looking for financial advice was like drinking from a fire hose,” Marco says.

“It felt like everyone in Australia wanted to buy property or bitcoin, but one thing I learnt on the job was how to manage risk by spreading it; so I started researching whether there was a similar way to invest.”

Marco started researching in online forums such as Reddit and Whirlpool, which led him to Six Park.

“I still had hesitation, but as I read about the team and their approach, I was impressed by the shared knowledge and education Six Park provided. I believe strongly that we should all be teachers, that means a lot to me, and I saw that Six Park was sharing knowledge and expertise in a generous way. That inspired a lot of confidence.”


The solution: Investing in a diversified portfolio through a supported, trusted service

Marco says the process of investing through Six Park was straightforward.

“It was pretty easy – I played with the risk assessment to understand the offering, and did some of my own research on the exchange-traded funds so that I understood it all before investing. I’m really happy that Six Park now offers sustainable investing as well.”

Marco, who lives with his wife and young son in Berlin, felt some anxiety during 2020’s COVID-19 market volatility, but stuck with his long-term strategy.

“Some people are more emotional than others; I feel quite aware of my biases, to me it’s about sticking with the strategy, knowing that there are tools to help keep it in check even in times of uncertainty. There are procedures that help guide you in business, it seems the same in investing. The communication by Six Park throughout that time was also very helpful.”

Marco says he appreciates the engagement that Six Park offers through its team and communication.

“I know who’s behind the scenes and making the decisions about the portfolios, which is important because I want to feel confident that the people who I’m trusting with my money know what they’re doing. Six Park is very accessible, and I like the personal touch the team provides.”


The result: Strong performance and greater financial confidence

“There are numbers, and of course they matter – I took the average past performance for my chosen allocation as a benchmark and overall my portfolio has always done better than that. I started out with about $10,000 and have added to that over time.

But the results Six Park delivers go beyond performance.

“My confidence and knowledge have developed over time. Overall it’s really positive. I’ve referred friends and family and we now have an account for our son too. The results are definitely positive.”


Start building your wealth with Six Park for as little as $6.25 a month. Take our free online assessment and we’ll give you an investment recommendation. You can then choose between our essential or sustainable portfolios. 


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Published February 22, 2021

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