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The sandwich bag dad: meet Dave Blumenthal

Meet Dave Blumenthal, our Director of Strategy and Analytics. Among many other things, Dave has custom built a beautifully sophisticated financial tool similar to the ones that Wall Street firms use, an Optimizer, one of the key tools of our investment management system.

Dave graduated #1 in his class, Honours Program (Commerce) at Monash, where he then taught accounting and finance before entering the world of investment management and finance. So, he’s a gun and helps brief our Advisory Board.

But here’s the thing: Dave also does Ironman Triathlon, which is a swim/bike/run race covering 226 kms. So he knows hard work, dedication and perseverance. He is married to beautiful Melissa and a father of 3 lovely daughters (Sharni, Tia and Milly, who also answer to “Hey stop that!”, “No” and “Go back to sleep!!!”), and every morning he draws a custom cartoon on their sandwich bags (see below).

We’ve established that he’s smart, but for a quiet guy, he is also witty, thoughtful, and tenacious in everything he does. Six Park and its clients are extremely fortunate to have Dave on our team.

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