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New SMSF service launched to address industry challenges

Affordability and poor investment diversification in the Self Managed Super Fund industry have created a catalyst for Six Park and its partners to launch an innovative SMSF administration plus automated investment management solution.

The end-to-end SMSF solution combines the benefits of Six Park’s world-class investment management with a low-cost administrative solution from SMSF Warehouse, reducing the time and effort involved in managing an SMSF.

Recent advances in technology and automation have made it possible for some SMSFs with balances as low as $100,000 to be cost effective and well-diversified, which is outlined in our recently released whitepaper “SMSF – the game has changed”.

A serious problem in the SMSF market, particularly for smaller accounts, is poor investment diversification. Six Park provides a simple way to get professionally managed, smart diversification at a low cost, guided by experts who have helped manage investments for the country of Australia.

We find it frustrating when we read blanket statements that SMSFs need to be anywhere from $200,000 to $2 million just to be cost-effective and properly diversified. That’s just wrong.

Read what the Australian Financial Review had to say about the offering here.

Technology has disrupted both SMSF administration and investment management services, so trustees should know that if they have decided to set up an SMSF, the balance required for a viable SMSF is probably lower than they think. For existing SMSFs, the ability to get smart investment diversification is easier than ever with the emergence of automated services like Six Park.

Since launching last year, more than 30 per cent of Six Park’s clients are established SMSFs, demonstrating the latent demand for trustees to seek better ways to achieve prudent investment diversification.  This prompted us to work with innovative partners to construct an end-to-end SMSF solution.  

Many people call robo-advice the ‘democratisation of investing.’ This new service helps to democratise the SMSF market by enabling trustees to get established cost effectively and have the choice to invest zero, some or all of their assets with Six Park.

Until now most robo-advisors have focussed on the millennial market, where there is great potential for growth. However, we see an even more pressing need to help fix some of the problems in the SMSF space, especially for smaller accounts.

Six Park’s investment returns have been strong and reflect the quality of the experts on our team who have managed the country’s finances. The people behind the automation do make a significant difference.

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