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Investing for the long-term: Tram's story

Tram Le has an ambitious goal: she wants to retire at 55.

“I don’t earn a fortune, but I believe saving isn’t about what you earn – it’s about what you spend.”

Tram Le Six Park Client

Tram, who grew up in Vietnam, owns her own home as well as four investment properties in Saigon. She makes extra contributions to her superannuation using salary sacrifice and saves for her two sons, but also wanted to start investing outside super.    

She was familiar with the concept of robo-advice after living in the United States, where automated investment is a more established part of the financial landscape.

After comparing Australian robo-advisors, she decided to invest with Six Park.

“I felt it was a more serious offering than the others, and I liked the minimum investment amount of $10,000,” Tram said. “The experience of the Investment Advisory Committee is also very impressive.

“I’ve been very pleased with the personal touch that Six Park offers – you don’t get that everywhere these days.”

Within weeks of signing up, Tram had already referred a friend through Six Park’s referral program, earning three months of free investment management.

“I think Six Park is ideal for long-term investing – it feels like I can set and forget because I know my money is being looked after.”

Working in payroll services, Tram has always had an interest in finance and enjoys travelling. “It’s hard to narrow down favourite places, but I love Japan. I’m looking forward to travelling even more when I retire.”

Six Park’s referral program rewards clients with three months of free investment management for each successful referral. To find out more, email or phone 1300 851 779.

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