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A model way to invest: Jess Picton-Warlow's story

Jess Picton-Warlow is one of Australia’s hottest exports on the international runway circuit, having modelled for Dior, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Prada and Burberry (to name just a few). Jess talked to Six Park head of communication Erika Jonsson about life in New York, her plans for the future and her journey with Six Park, which began in January.

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Shannon Jenkins 3

Embracing independence: Shannon's story

When Shannon Jenkins' relationship ended last year, she realised how much she had depended on her partner to manage their finances. She chose Six Park to help her manage her investments.

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Lessons for life: Rando's story

Rando Yam and his wife Yvonne want their daughter to learn about the principles of saving and investing from a young age.

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