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Damian's Story

​Damian Worsdell started learning about the importance of saving at a young age. He is combining his childhood lessons with a modern investment approach to shape his own financial future.

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Brent's Story

With previous investments under his belt, 35-year-old Melbourne IT professional Brent Snook turned his attention to the stock market and found the Six Park online investment management service.

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Attaining Life Balance with Yoga...and Six Park

Amanda is a highly experienced executive and independent director with a background in marketing and communications. To manage the many demands of her professional career, Amanda uses yoga to help bring balance and serenity to her busy lifestyle. (That's actually Amanda in the photo below, aloft and completely unphotoshopped!) Amanda was one of Six Park's earliest clients and investors. Here's her story of why she chose Six Park to help bring balance to her investment portfolio.

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