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Gemma Dale Nab19

Women in finance: Q and A with Gemma Dale, nabtrade

Gemma Dale is the host of Your Wealth podcast, a weekly podcast for investors that features insights and updates from market and finance experts across a range of topics. She speaks to Erika Jonsson for the Women in Finance Q and A series.

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Iac Quotes2

What's going on in the world right now? Six Park's investment committee members share their views

Australia’s interest rates are at record lows and, around the world, unsettling events and divisive politics are dominating headlines and rattling financial markets. So how do you separate the real issues from the "noise"? Six Park’s Investment Advisory Committee members, who each bring a unique lens to the committee’s deliberations, share their personal observations on the current economic and political climate.

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Trr Episode 31 Sixpark

The Richards Report episode 31: Nick Crocker, Blackbird Ventures

Nick Crocker has switched from being a successful start-up founder to investing in start-ups. He reveals Blackbird's due diligence process, the qualities required as a founder and investor, and the importance of a well-articulated vision.

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Six Park Performance Update: August 2019

On a rolling 12-month basis, our portfolio returns stand at +6.0% to +9.0%. Over the past three years, the portfolios are up between +4.0% and +10.2% per annum.

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Mike Work

Q and A with Six Park board director Mike Roche

Mike Roche has been a Six Park shareholder since 2016, joining the company’s board in December 2017. His love of numbers led him into actuarial studies before he pivoted from superannuation into investment banking.

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Trr Episode 30 Sixpark

The Richards Report episode 30: Jim Collins, Good to Great

Jim Collins' book Good to Great has had a profound impact on Ted Richards, during his football career and beyond. He reveals why this is one of the most important books he's ever read.

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A model way to invest: Jess Picton-Warlow's story

Jess Picton-Warlow is one of Australia’s hottest exports on the international runway circuit, having modelled for Dior, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Prada and Burberry (to name just a few). Jess talked to Six Park head of communication Erika Jonsson about life in New York, her plans for the future and her journey with Six Park, which began in January.

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Six Park Performance Update: July 2019

The Six Park portfolios posted gains of +0.9% to +2.7% in July, lifting our rolling annual returns to +6.4% to +12.0%. ​

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Trr Episode 29 Facebook

The Richards Report episode 29: Nick Stone

Nick Stone has moved from AFL football to coffee entrepreneur via investment banking. He talks to Ted Richards about his career evolution and business philosophy.

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Six Park Performance Update: June 2019

Six Park's overall returns for the 2018-19 financial year ranged from +5.8% to +10.8% - a pleasing result considering sharp market declines from October to December.

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