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Robo versus DIY: five reasons to use a robo-advisor

Every now and then people ask us: Why not get free asset allocation guidance from Six Park and just construct and manage my own portfolio of ETFs instead of paying Six Park to do it? It's a good question - and we have good answers.

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What the hell is robo-advice?

After chasing a football for the last 16 years in the AFL the competitor in me has moved into my new career, chasing investment returns. I joined Six Park a while ago and I’m now helping Australian investors create their own diversified portfolio of investments. When I explain to people what I’m doing now the first question they rightly ask is “What the hell is robo-advice”, which is quickly followed by “So what do Six Park do”?

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Robo Advice

What is robo-advice?

Automated investment services come in many shapes and sizes.

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