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Trr Episode 26 Facebook

The Richards Report episode 26: Nick Hungerford, co-founder of Nutmeg

The co-founder of Europe's biggest robo-adviser reveals the origin of his business' name and shares how online investment is changing wealth management.

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Trr Episode 25 Facebook

The Richards Report episode 25: Cade Massey

Investing and football are both immensely competitive fields, requiring people to make decisions in an uncertain world that's surrounded by noise. In this new episode of The Richards Report, Ted Richards talks to Professor Cade Massey, who specialises in decision-making, influence and negotiation.

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Trr Episode 22 Facebook

The Richards Report episode 22: Aussie Firebug

The Aussie Firebug is 29 years old and already planning to be retirement-ready. He explains the FIRE movement to Ted Richards in a new episode of The Richards Report.

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