Michael Twaits (Chair)

Michael Twaits joined the Six Park board in April 2019 after a 20-year career with the investment banking arm of Toronto Dominion Bank, 17 years of which was spent working overseas between London and North America. Michael returned to Australia in January 2019 and has since set up Meridium Capital, a private investment vehicle.

Previous experience

  • Principal, Meridium Capital
  • 20+ years with TD Securities, Toronto Dominion Bank’s investment banking arm
  • Former Global Head of Foreign Exchange, Metals, Repo and Funding
  • Former Global Head of International Fixed Income



Brian Watson AO

Six Park co-founder and Chairman of the Investment Advisory Committee. Prior to co-founding Six Park, Brian was a founding Member of the Board of Guardians of the Australian Government Future Fund, and served on that Board from 2006-2012. He also is the former Deputy Chairman of the Australian Government’s Innovation Australia Board.


  • Brian has significant experience in investing in publicly listed equity, private equity, and real estate, as well as portfolio management.
  • Served as Chairman of JP Morgan Australia until 2000 and was Managing Director of Morgan Capital Asia-Pacific, responsible for private equity investment activity in the group’s Melbourne, Tokyo and Hong Kong operations.
  • JP Morgan New York 1987-99 – Global Head of Equity Capital Markets and Global Head of Private Equity.


Pat Garrett

Six Park co-founder Pat Garrett discusses client behaviour in volatile times.Pat is Six Park’s co-Chief Executive Officer. He co-founded Six Park in 2014 after a 25-year career in the financial services industry. From 1990 to 2005, Pat worked at JP Morgan in New York, San Francisco, and Melbourne (Australia). Since 2005, Pat has worked at Georgica Associates, a private investment management firm based in Melbourne.


  • 25-year career in the financial
    services industry
  • Specific responsibilities for investment strategy and portfolio management and reporting
  • Former Managing Director of Georgica Associates
  • RG146 qualified, GAICD


Mike Roche

Mike spent 10 years as head of mergers and acquisitions for Deutsche Bank during his 22 years with the company, and now provides advice to government and private sector clients through his company M R Advisory. Mike is a non-executive director for Wesfarmers. He and his wife Geraldine co-founded Sally Foundation in 2013 as a philanthropic fund supporting projects in Zimbabwe and regional Australia.


  • Wesfarmers non-executive director
  • Macquarie Group Limited and Macquarie Bank Limited director
  • MaxCap Group Pty Limited director
  • Joint Founder and Director of Sally Foundation
  • 20 years+ with Deutsche Bank, including 10 as head of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Fellow of the Institute of
    Actuaries of Australia

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