We're real people not robots - Six ParkIn June 2014, former JP Morgan Australia chairman Brian Watson AO and Pat Garrett started building a better solution for investors to address a major challenge for Australian investors.

After decades working at the highest levels of Australia’s financial services industry, they had identified that it was difficult, confusing, expensive and frustrating for most Australian investors to get professional, low-cost investment management.

Six Park launched in 2016 and, since then, has provided support to Australians on their journey to financial wellbeing. In 2019, Six Park launched solutions to help financial professionals serve more clients at every stage of their wealth journey.

Every Six Park client has a portfolio of high-quality ASX-listed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) developed to match their personal risk profile and investment horizon. Six Park is committed to a platform of continual innovation through future product enhancements.

Six Park’s expert team is led by our world-class Investment Advisory Committee, whose respected members have vast experience in Australia and overseas. Six Park combines innovative technology with sophisticated investment theory, provides total transparency about our offering and fees, and has the required legal authorisation to provide these services.

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