Six Park is Australia’s leading robo advisor. We make investing easier, saving you time and money while providing strong risk-adjusted returns.

Thousands of people trust us to manage their investments. Read their reviews to find out more about how we have helped professionals, single parents, young families and retirees with their investment portfolios.

“I feel like I still have input but I don’t have to do anything. It’s almost like a set and forget – for us once we opened our Six Park account and got it invested, we just didn’t have to worry about it anymore. We haven’t really had to think about it at all.”

Claire Kidd, Mother of two and Six Park client since 2018.

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Claire Kidd Six Park

“Six Park made life so straightforward – it was all easy and it was done. The banks don’t make it that easy. It should be easy, and it can be, but it was ridiculously hard with the bank by comparison. They put processes in place and genericise it all and they’ve lost their connection with customers.

“Organisations like Six Park understand that customers are the heart of what they do, and that makes it a much better experience as a client.”

John Sullivan IT specialist and Six Park client since 2016

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“I know who’s behind the scenes and making the decisions about the portfolios, which is important because I want to feel confident that the people who I’m trusting with my money know what they’re doing. Six Park is very accessible, and I like the personal touch the team provides.”

Marco Zanzotera, the head of operations for an e-commerce company and Six Park client since 2018.

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Marcus Zanzotera
Ryan Brown Six Park Robo Advisor Client

“It’s a smart product with good people behind it – over the longer term, and with more significant amounts of money, I believe in the philosophy that you can’t beat the market so I’ll just be the market, and Six Park does that really well. Having low-cost access to diversification that’s looked after for me is great.”

Ryan Brown, Product Manager and Six Park client since 2020.

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“It feels like people are genuinely interested as opposed to just being a client, like the whole team is behind me and wants this to work. I know I’m a small investor but people are still taking the time to acknowledge I’m there and I don’t feel I’d get that in any other financial situation. Six Park does a great job of making people feel like they matter.”

Katrina Streatfeild, psychologist, mum and Six Park client since 2018.

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Matthew Campbell Six Park Client review

“It was very reassuring to know that all my investments are held in my own name and there are no entrance or exit fees. Outside of the low fees, the passion and service of the Six Park team has truly impressed me. I decided to invest on a Sunday afternoon, was able to live chat soon after through their website and had my funds received and traded on Tuesday morning. I truly feel part of a journey with Six Park – it’s an investing community and Six Park will welcome you whether you’re new to investing or whether you’re experienced in the share market.”

Matthew Campbell, Six Park Client since February 2018.

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“After I spent some time researching the best way to invest, the conclusion was a diversified selection of passive funds with relatively low fees – basically exactly what Six Park does. I looked at Six Park and Acorns (now Raiz) and Six Park had that human element in there, along with the investment committee that assessed the funds and the markets. By comparison, other options seemed more hands-off. The human element gave me a lot of confidence.”

Frank Ayles, Six Park Client since 2018.

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Six Park client Frank Ayles believes he has found the best way to invest
Six Park client Ben Ereira works with cutting-edge investment technology

“Investing with Six Park means avoiding the hazard of a groupthink where I am making all the calls on my investments all the time – this is diversifying my brains trust to professionals who’ve been in the markets for a very long time and who can make decisions that I might be less able to make. It’s hard for any investment professional to specialise across every component so it’s important to get the right help – when that’s available at a low cost, then it makes absolute sense.”

Ben Ereira, Investment Consultant and Six Park client since 2016.

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“The reason I chose Six Park over other Aussie robo-advisers was the sleek design, easy to understand and navigate process and the customer service where they engage on a personal level.”

Jess Picton-Warlow, international model.

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Six Park client story
Six Park case study Shannon Jenkins

“I read Six Paper’s paper for female investors and it really resonated for me. I really like the ongoing correspondence and education – it counters the idea of ‘robo-advice’ because it feels very human and engaged.”

Shannon Jenkins, business law and political science student and single mum.

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“I wanted an investment vehicle that I could just set and forget, and it’s been excellent that way. I have no stress about my investment, which is wonderful because I’ve never been an investor before so it’s all new and unfamiliar but it makes sense.”

Mike Smith, Six Park client since September 2016.

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Six Park client story Rando Yam

“Six Park has been phenomenal – I’ve had a great personal experience, from having AFL legend Ted Richards support me through the sign-up process, to receiving a personal email response from Six Park CEO Pat Garrett. It’s a big amount of money for people to think about investing, so it was important to us to feel really confident about the way we chose to do it. Robo-advice isn’t well understood yet, but I think it will grow to have a really important place for everyday investors like my wife and I. There’s a lot of education involved, and the experience of the Investment Advisory Committee was also really impressive.”

Rando Yam, Energy professional, father and Six Park client since July 2018.

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“Six Park has a structure that is for the retiree, rather than just a structure to make money. There are so many mobs just out to make money, but Six Park hasn’t been like that at all. I like being able to go in easily and have a look at it. The team is very approachable – they talk the same language, they don’t talk above you. The communication’s really great, and we feel really informed about what’s going on. It’s part of that education process that helps people allay their fears.”

Glenda and Trevor Newman, retirees and Six Park clients since March 2018.

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Six Park client story Trevor and Glenda
Six Park client story

“I liked the model for Six Park – particularly because we own the shares rather than being part of a pool. I see really good returns out of ETFs but also out of a group of people who are choosing the right ETFs. It wasn’t economy that made me pick Six Park – it was the feeling of a modern approach, modern thinking and the credibility of the investment team. The sign-up process was really good. It’s all online, integrated with the banks, and creating new accounts was easy – it was just a case of transferring money in at the end. It was awesome. Six Park has a good personality too – it feels quite personable and approachable.”

Paul and Sally Earl, parents and Six Park clients since September 2017.

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