The number of financial advisers adopting robo advice strategies to engage more clients and drive business efficiency is growing rapidly. These are the advisers who will reap the benefits of a new financial landscape, create a pipeline of future clients and build successful and sustainable businesses that combine technology and human experience.

Six Park’s white paper ‘Is it red tape or is it me? Deniers, devotees, and the digital advice revolution’ examines the research, trends and opportunities of robo investing as part of Australia’s financial advice landscape.

It includes:

  • a comparison of the global vs Australian demand for robo advice;
  • information debunking common myths relating to robo advice;
  • insights from industry leaders including Recep III Peker from Investment Trends, Matt Heine from Netwealth and the FPA’s Ben Marshan;
  • case studies demonstrating the value of robo investing for financial advisers and their clients; and
  • information on how robo advice can be quickly and easily implemented as part of a whole-of-business strategy.

So don’t be behind the curve. Download the white paper today.

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