by Patrick Garrett

Every now and then people ask us: Why not get free asset allocation guidance from Six Park and just work out how to buy ETFs then construct and manage my own portfolio of ETFs instead of paying Six Park to do it?

There’s nothing stopping you from buying ETFs on your own, and we clearly believe ETFs are a great investment option. But there are a few pretty compelling reasons to use our service instead of trying to manage your own portfolio.

Low costs

You can buy the same ETFs we use through a broker or planner, but it’ll cost you – not only when you purchase them, but any time you want to rebalance or buy and sell ETF shares. And trust us when we say rebalancing is important – read more here about why it matters. If you wanted to replicate a Six Park portfolio, you’d need to buy either six or seven individual ETFs and pay brokerage on each one. Six Park charges $9.95 a month for investments up to $20,000, including periodic rebalancing. You should also put a value on your time as you consider the cost of doing it yourself – letting us handle your investment means more free time and less stress.  In any event, the costs of using a traditional broker or financial planner for your own ETF trades will likely be more expensive than the Six Park offering.

Expert guidance

It’s tough to evaluate investment options – there are about a bazillion of them now, and they aren’t all created equal. Making your own asset allocation decisions without guidance isn’t easy either. When you invest with Six Park, you’re not just buying an ETF portfolio – you’re buying the guidance and oversight of some of Australia’s brightest financial minds. Our world-class Investment Advisory Committee oversees our ETF selections and regularly applies their financial wisdom and experience to help manage the construction of our portfolios. And when you add our management team, there’s more than 200 years of financial services experience.

You can set and forget, but we won’t

Not everyone has the time or energy to manage their investment portfolios the way they should be managed. If you have the interest and knowledge to regularly review your goals and risk profile and rebalance your portfolio as it drifts from your target thresholds, then go for it. If you’d rather just keep an eye on how your investment is growing, without worrying about how Brexit or Trump or rising interest rates might affect your asset allocation, then that’s where we can help. Prudent asset allocation drives a large part of long-term investment returns, so we suggest letting experts handle this for you.

Simplicity and trust

If you’re anything like us, life’s busy enough without adding yet another ball to juggle. We like keeping things easy at Six Park – low fees, transparent reporting and no compensation from banks or other entities to promote or distribute products. Our service is second to none, and you’ll get a thoughtful, diversified, professionally managed portfolio of ETFs that match your appetite for risk and your personal situation.

Our team

We’ve already mentioned the expert guidance that comes with choosing Six Park, but our team is more than that – we’re passionate about offering an amazing service that goes well beyond automation. You can pick up the phone, email us or start a LiveChat and we’ll be there.

So, there you have it – five reasons to choose Six Park instead of doing it yourself. Whichever way you decide to go, best of luck – it’s an exciting journey.

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Published July 23, 2018