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Essential: absolutely necessary; extremely important. From Latin essentia (essence).

Six Park Essential is our foundation investment solution. 

Essential gives you a smarter way to get invested in a professionally managed, globally diversified portfolio.

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1. Getting to know you

We start by asking you a few questions. Don't worry. There are no "wrong" answers and you need not have studied beforehand. Your responses simply help us understand your personal circumstances, financial priorities and tolerance for risk.


2. Recommendation

We match your responses to a recommended asset allocation strategy using our proprietary evaluation tools. This will include a mix of assets - including local and overseas shares, listed property and fixed income securities - in proportions that reflect your risk profile, financial priorities and your investment time horizon.


3. Sign-up

We’ll take you through our simple online account set-up, starting with a formal Statement of Advice, which outlines everything you need to know about our service. We’re always up-front and transparent about our advice and fees (because we know they’re smart and low). And we’re easy to contact if you have queries or concerns.

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4. Invest

Once you’ve established and funded your Macquarie CMA, we invest your money in the carefully selected exchange traded funds (ETFs) that reflect your recommended investment strategy. Using ETFs allows us to build a highly diversified, low-cost portfolio for you quickly and cost-effectively.

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5. Relax

Once invested, Six Park makes it simple (and even enjoyable) for you to keep track of your portfolio. We provide ongoing portfolio management, including easy-to-understand performance reporting, regular reviews and periodic rebalancing to keep you on track with your investment strategy.

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And one more thing…

Six Park provides scaled advice that is limited to your investment with Six Park. Six Park does not give advice about insurance, tax, budgeting or detailed estate planning matters. If you need more holistic advice on these matters, you should seek professional guidance.

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