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It's a big world. Are you investing in it?

Are you happy with your current Australian share investments but want to add international investment diversification?

Six Park Global gives you the ability to select from a suite of portfolios derived from Six Park’s core asset allocations that focus on international exchange-traded funds (ETFs), so you get the benefit of global diversification to complement your existing Australian assets.

Six Park Global is currently only available for wholesale investors who invest $50,000 or more.

Six Park Global offers wholesale investors a range of benefits: 

·       Smart investing: Automated investing combined with expert human oversight

·       Low fees: 0.3%, all inclusive, no hidden fees, including brokerage

·       Trustworthy: No commissions, no conflicts, assets held in your name

·       Simple to use: Straightforward performance and tax reporting

If you are a wholesale investor and would like to apply for a Global portfolio, it's easy to get started. 

Click here to visit the Global homepage.

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