by Ted Richards

Click to listen to the latest episode of The Richards Report featuring Sydney Swans chairman Andrew Pridham.

In this episode of the podcast I’m speaking with Andrew Pridham. Andrew and I first met when I joined the Swans at the end of in 2005, when he was then a director of the club. He is now the Chairman of the Sydney Swans Football Club, and also the founder and CEO of investment bank Moelis Australia.

People may be familiar with AFL but unsure of what investment banking entails, so we breakdown some investment banking terminology right from the start (e.g. what’s M&A, IPO, etc).

We discuss the journey of starting an investment bank in Australia, growing it year after year, and taking it public with an IPO so it’s now traded on the stock market.

Andrew has experience working in investment management on different continents around the world and at different stages of the business cycle. This is especially interesting as Australia has had a great run economically (27 years since our last recession). Listeners in their 20s and 30s don’t know what a recession is like or may never have been invested in the market so it’s insightful to learn how Andrew thinks about these events.

We also touch on planning in both professional sport and investment management. Andrew mentions the importance of planning for the long term, but the reality that you need to go well over the short term too.

There are many similarities between business and football as they’re both competitive industries, but there are also many differences to discuss.

Other topics we touch on:

  • Disruption in wealth management
  • The importance of culture to growing a business
  • Giving back
  • Favourite books/podcasts

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Published May 23, 2019