Patrick Garrett Six Park by Patrick Garrett

If it has an engine and four wheels, Alan Bergman knows about it. A self-confessed “car guy”, Alan has spent the last 55 years working in the auto industry, having owned a number of highly successful car dealerships and run his own international automotive consulting and warranty practice. In his youth, Alan was a highly successful amateur car racer in South Africa. Today, he still regularly takes to the track and road rallies with his highly prized collection of performance and vintage cars.

Why Six Park?

I’ve been a car guy all my life, so I know how to tune an engine to get great performance. Tuning my investment portfolio is a completely different story. That’s why I turned to Six Park. Their team is second to none when it comes to investing experience and expertise, so I know my SMSF investments are in good, safe hands.

I’ve tried a few different investment services over the years, but I’ve always been disappointed by high fees and product complexity. Six Park is a refreshing change in this respect. Their fees are really low and I know exactly how my SMSF portfolio is invested and where it stands at any time.

I also appreciate that my portfolio is well diversified and the Six Park system is set up to periodically rebalance my holdings so I stay on track with my investment strategy. It’s simple but sophisticated at the same time, managed by experienced professionals who I trust.

Was it difficult to make the switch?

Not at all! The risk assessment process was straightforward and I had my account up and running in no time. I also liked the fact that the team was always an email or phone call away at any time if I had any queries.

I’ve been a client of Six Park since their early launch and over this time, I’ve enjoyed solid returns. I’ve also been steadily adding to my holdings whenever I can and I look forward to seeing my portfolio continue to grow over the coming years.

Published January 30, 2017