At Six Park, we combine sophisticated automated technologies and the expertise of our world-class advisory board to help our clients establish and manage low cost, globally diversified investment portfolios.

From a regulatory perspective, our service is known as a “scaled advice” offering. This basically means we provide personal advice which is limited in scope. In our case, our advice is limited to helping our clients invest in exchange traded funds with the aim of achieving the investment returns and managing the investment risks determined by their assessed risk profile.

Our advice is limited to the investments we recommend and is based on the information disclosed to us. We do not provide holistic advice in areas such as insurance, estate planning, superannuation establishment and tax planning – and we do not consider all matters (such as any other investments you hold outside of Six Park). We know there are plenty of firms around who provide such services. And we always recommend you seek advice of appropriate experts in these areas wherever necessary. We have deliberately chosen to limit our offering in this way. Like the old business maxim suggests, our focus is on doing one thing – and doing it really well. Rather than trying to sell our clients a wide range of advisory services, and carrying all the costs and infrastructure associated with providing such services, we prefer to focus our efforts and provide our investment services at the lowest possible cost. This approach means you can keep using your existing accounting and tax advisors and have the freedom to shop around for the best advice when it comes to things like insurance. It also means we will not try to upsell you services provided by any of our associates.

Of course, being a provider of scaled advice does not mean we provide lesser quality advice or are allowed to have lower training standards. Like all providers of personal financial advice, scaled or otherwise, we are required to meet ASIC’s strict obligations, including (amongst other things), ensuring we provide our clients with appropriate advice and act in their bests interests.

We think Six Park is one of the best investment management services of its kind in Australia. But don’t just our word for it. Get started by taking the Six Park Risk Assessment and see if our service is right for you.

Published February 2, 2016