by Patrick Garrett

Investors have been using Six Park’s automated investment management service for almost a year now.  With our team of preeminent experts and sophisticated technology, we believe that we offer the best value-for-money proposition of any such service in Australia. So, some data points on our business as of 16 May, 2017…

  • We publicly launched in May 2016, but we began tracking performance of Six Park portfolios in October 2014.  Since then, the average annual returns across our entire portfolio base up to 16 May 2017 has been 9.2% after all fees and expenses.  We note that 1) this return represents a mix of portfolios that are on the growth end of the risk spectrum (as shown below), and 2) past performance is no guarantee of future returns.
  • Also, 5-year returns for each of our individual portfolios thru April 30, 2017 range from 5.6% for our Conservative portfolio to 12.0% for our Aggressive Growth portfolio, after fees and expenses.  We’re proud of our investment track record given the manner in which we provide clients with a mix of growth and defensive investments. You should be careful when comparing returns from various services, as they may not include fees (such as admin/advice/brokerage costs/entry/exit fees) in their numbers.
  • Our youngest investor is a 20 year-old student in Victoria, and our oldest investor is a 74 year-young matriarch of a family trust.
  • We have investors from every major Australian city, ranging in occupations from investment managers and bankers (many), to IT professionals (also a lot), solicitors, teachers, a radiologist from WA, students from WA, and even an ex-politician.
  • Our accounts span individuals, family trusts, SMSFs and corporate trusts.
  • We built up a large newsletter/subscriber base prior to public launch in mid-2016. It has since tripled in size.

Our clients are invested in portfolios that range from Conservative to Aggressive Growth. The mix of asset classes (using Exchange Traded Funds) for each client is based on our analysis of your answers for our on-line assessment.  So, the profile below is the average of all of our client funds we manage as of 16 May 2017.


  • The most frequently selected Six Park profile is Balanced Growth, followed by Balanced.  For the entire set of Six Park investment portfolios, the average asset class distributions are as follows:

– 58% to Australian, International and Emerging Markets shares combined
– 18% Global Listed Property and Global Infrastructure (hedged) combined
– 24% Cash Yield/Bonds

  • This highlights the investment diversification you get with Six Park (plus super low cost and easy access to see exactly what you own and how it’s performing). Click here to see our portfolio investment returns and strategies.
  • We use high quality ETFs for each of the asset classes above (Vanguard, iShares, State Street, VanEck, BetaShares) – we like to keep things simple and transparent, easier for our clients to access (24/7) and understand their investment performance.


25% of Six Park’s clients are female investors.  We’re glad to have so many women investing with us.  Evidence suggests that women tend to be more patient investors and a take longer-term view when compared to their male counterparts.

We’d like to see that number closer to 50% and will be pursuing a number of initiatives to provide women with access to tools and a level playing field for smart investing in a market that has historically been a “man’s world”.  The following link is a good piece on this subject:


Approximately 30% of our total client base are existing SMSFs, which we think demonstrates the appeal of a low cost way to get investment diversification.  This is especially relevant given the weaker performance that smaller SMSFs (particularly < $200k) have had due to poor investment diversification.

We recently announced an innovative SMSF service provided by Six Park and our SMSF administration partner in which clients receive SMSF set-up and administration services and Six Park allows trustees to put as much or little of their SMSF assets on our investment platform.

Our solution provides a low cost way for someone who has decided to set up an SMSF (or already has one) to get quality administration and a simple, professional way to build smart investment diversification.

If you don’t think that keeping costs low matters with your investment management, click here.


Six Park is an automated investment management service backed by Australia’s preeminent investment experts.  With Six Park, you get:

  • A smart, low-cost way to invest for the long term, with pricing starting at 0.5% or less (includes all trading costs)
  • Over 100 years of experience in the financial services industry, including the highest levels of numerous global financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds
  • A simple way to investment diversification using low-cost Exchange Traded Funds
  • Trustworthy and transparent advice: we are not aligned with a bank
  • No hidden fees or product commissions
  • Online tracking of investment profile and performance
  • Rebalancing and ongoing portfolio management to ensure your strategy remains suitable over time
Published April 27, 2017