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Pat Garrett and Brian Watson founded Six Park in 2014 while working together at their investment management firm in Melbourne, Australia. Pat and Brian met in the mid-1990s while Brian was managing the global private equity and venture capital investment unit of JP Morgan (New York), and have been working together in Melbourne since 2001.

In June 2014, Pat and Brian started building a better solution for Australian investors they decided they could no longer ignore a major problem in Australia's investment management industry – namely, that it was difficult, confusing, expensive and frustrating for most Australian investors to get professional, low-cost investment advice. Worse, there was ample evidence that investors' best interests had taken a back seat to the interests of larger financial institutions.

Six Park is now a team of seven experts, including a world-class Advisory Board, with 100+ years of experience in investment management and financial services, at organisations of the quality of JP Morgan and the Australian Government's Future Fund. The service combines innovative technology and sophisticated investment theory, and is totally transparent about its offering and fees, with the required legal authorisation to provide these services.

Six Park launched in April 2016 and has grown significantly from its initial early-adopter client base. Each client has a portfolio of high-quality ASX-listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) developed to match their personal risk profile and investment horizon. The business has raised several rounds of private capital to build and launch its service, and has a strong pipeline of future product enhancements.

We believe that we've built the best investment service available to Australian investors, especially when considering the experience of the team, the low cost of the service and the overall user experience for our clients.

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