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We keep our costs low by using smart technology and automation, by keeping our overheads lean and by focusing on low cost ETFs and trading/reporting platforms.
0.5 per annum

If your account balance is
between $10,000 - $199,999 

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0.4 per annum

If your account balance is
between $200,000 - $499,999 

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0.3 per annum

If your account balance is

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Fees based on total average account balance, charged monthly and include GST. 

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Our simple, all inclusive fees

Trade Fees

No trade fees

Six Park does not charge you
additional transaction fees to
buy and sell securities

Rebalancing Fees

No rebalancing fees

Six Park automates and
regularly rebalances your
portfolio for free

Transfer Fee

No transfer fees

There are no fees for deposits
or withdrawals from your Six
Park account

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