With Six Park, you’ll have direct access to our team of management experts and your investment portfolio is overseen by an advisory committee made up of some of Australia’s best financial minds.

It’s the kind of service that usually comes with a high price tag. Our innovative technology means with one low fee, it’s all yours.

At Six Park, investment automation doesn’t come at the expense of personalised strategy and support. Whether you’re a new or experienced investor, we’re here to help you on your pathway to financial wellbeing.

Why to invest with Six Park

We’re real people, not robots

Six Park’s expert Investment Advisory Committee oversees portfolio allocation, while our management team is always on hand to support you in your investing journey.

Meet the team

Proven investment strategy

Our portfolios comprise a mix of up to seven asset classes, each of which has its own risk/reward profile. Diversifying your investments across different asset classes has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to manage risk and improve returns.

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Proven investment strategy - Six Park
Better performance - Six Park

Better performance

Six Park’s conflict-free, client-focused model has demonstrated over five years, including three in the public sphere, that it can produce superior post-fee returns at a low cost.

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