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World-class guidance

Our team has more than 100+ years of collective investment and asset management experience with some of the world's leading financial institutions.

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Low cost

Our sophisticated online platform allows us to deliver our services at a lower cost than traditional financial advice. This ensures you retain as much of your well-earned investment returns as possible.

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Real people, not robots

Our service is web-based, but we're definitely not robots. You are dealing with a team of experts continuously reviewing financial markets and working to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

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Trustworthy and transparent

Six Park does not receive compensation from banks or other entities to promote or distribute specific products. Our services are highly professionalised and we are completely transparent in our approach to reporting and fees.

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Optimized portfolios

Your portfolio will be thoughtfully invested across a globally diversified, low-cost mix of asset classes, tailored for your risk profile and investment horizon. Our approach is founded on well-established financial principles backed by years of economic research.

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Ongoing portfolio management

As part of our service, we provide periodic account reviews and rebalancing to keep you on track with your investment strategy.

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Easy to invest

Our sign-up process is efficient and convenient.

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24/7 Access

Information on your portfolio is available instantly - anytime and anywhere, from your computer, tablet or phone.

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Direct Ownership

Your portfolio is held in your own name so you can rest assured your assets are readily accessible.

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