Six Park is not just suited to new investors or those with smaller amounts to invest. Our unique combination of human expertise and online automation provides experienced investors with an effective and low-cost way to manage their investments.

Our sophisticated online platform allows us to deliver our services at a much lower cost than traditional financial advice. This means you retain as much of your well-earned investment returns as possible. Plus, you have 24/7 access to your portfolio on your computer or mobile devices.

Six Park doesn’t receive compensation from financial institutions to promote or distribute specific products and we are completely transparent in our approach to reporting and fees.

Your portfolio will be thoughtfully invested across a globally diversified, low-cost mix of asset classes, tailored for your risk profile and investment horizon. Our approach is founded on well-established financial principles backed by years of economic research. And your portfolio is held in your own name so you can be assured you are always in control.

But most importantly, you have the confidence that your investments are being managed with the oversight of some of Australia’s best financial minds. That means you get expert guidance and support for vastly less cost, and better performance than going through most traditional investment advice services.

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