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Six Park and our SMSF partner, Heffron, believe in transparency and making the complex seem simple. Six Park provides smart investment management, while Heffron takes care of your SMSF administration. Smart technology reduces the time involved in managing your own SMSF, and gives you world-class investment advice and management, all for a super-low cost. Sounds super, right?

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Things to consider
Deciding to setting up and operate an SMSF is a major financial decision. The responsibility for running the fund and complying with the law rests solely with you as trustees. It’s important to understand:
  • The risks of running an SMSF
  • Is an SMSF right for you?
  • The characteristics of an SMSF
  • Your role and responsibilities 
  • Individual vs corporate trustee
  • The costs of running an SMSF
  • Your insurance needs
  • Visit our SMSF Education Center for more information and to access comprehensive guides from the ATO.
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Supporting you every step of the way

Traditionally, self-managed super funds have been expensive to set up and administer. But technology has helped lower costs and improve ease of meeting compliance and reporting requirements. 

Six Park and Heffron will support you every step of the way as you set up or transfer your SMSF, making the process simpler and giving you more time for the things that you love in life.  

Automated Investing

A sound investment strategy to underpin your SMSF

A sound investment strategy is key to the long-term growth of your superannuation.  Six Park will develop a superannuation growth strategy based on your investment horizon and risk profile, which is invested across a globally diversified, low-cost mix of asset classes including domestic and international shares, bonds, property and infrastructure. 

Six Park Online Investing

A unique team to manage your super

Our investment approach is founded on well-established principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, which earned several of its creators a Nobel Prize in Economics.  

Six Park's uniquely qualified and experienced Investment Advisory Committee helps oversee our investment management, while Heffron is one of Australia's leading independent SMSF administration services. Together, we offer transparent, unconflicted service and unparalleled value for money.   

A complete SMSF solution for you to manage and invest smarter

  • SMSF set-up and ongoing administration by our SMSF partner, Heffron
  • Highly automated, online investment management solution
  • You decide how much you would like to invest with Six Park
  • Online tracking of investments and performance from any device 24/7
  • Direct ownership of the investments managed by Six Park 
  • An investment portfolio managed by a uniquely qualified team of experts
SMSF Robo Advice
How it works
How It Works Establish Your Smsf

Establish your SMSF

Complete your SMSF application online. It’s completely paperless and our team will assist at every step.

How It Works Activate


Once your SMSF has been established, you can roll over your balance, direct your employer contributions and implement your investment strategy.

How It Works Ongoing Management

Ongoing management

Each year, Heffron will organise your tax and compliance work and we will ensure your Six Park investment still suits your risk profile.  

Smart technology keeps fees low
SMSF Administration Fees

Heffron's SMSF establishment and administration fees include:

  • SMSF establishment documents including Trust Deed
  • ATO registration with TFN and ABN application
  • Open Markets and Macquarie Cash Management Account establishment
  • Preparation of financial statements, tax preparation and lodgement
  • Access to Heffron's online portal, Maestro
  • Independent audit
Fee typeFee

One-off set-up fee for individuals

Fund establishment trust deed, registration with ATO including ABN and TFN application.


One-off fee for corporate trustee establishment (if applicable)***

Includes ASIC company registration fee.


Ongoing admin and annual audit**

Tax preparation and financial reporting.


* This fee applies to SMSFs that exclusively hold Six Park investments

** Heffron offers a range of additional services, fees apply

*** If a corporate trustee is selected, Heffron is to be appointed as the Registered Agent, incurring an additional cost of $176pa including ASIC fees

Investment Management Fees

Our management fees include:

  • Recommended investment strategy
  • No fees for depositing or withdrawing from your account**
  • Automatic rebalancing of your portfolio
  • Trade on demand if you want to invest more frequently
  • Annual review of your investment strategy

Amount invested with Six ParkFee*



$10,000 – $199,999


$200,000 – $499,999




Note: Each ETF in your portfolio will charge management fees to cover their admin/operating costs. These fees flow to the ETF issuer (not Six Park) and are incorporated in the share price of the ETF. The overall management fees on the ETFs in our portfolios are approximately 0.25% per  annum but depend on your portfolio selection.

* Fees based on total average account balance, charged monthly.

** If you are overseas, banks may impose fees on any foreign exchange conversion, or international payment instructions.

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I didn’t know anything about share investing and Six Park was easy to set up and use; I wasn’t confused at all.
Very easy to use and user-friendly. I made a data entry mistake but Six Park were there to help immediately via online chat and phone.
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