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Six Park Performance Update: December 2018

The Six Park portfolios ended the year with returns ranging from -1.4% to +1.6%. While these results are disappointing, they reflect both a relatively short timeframe and an unusually weak period for equity markets.

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Div Pillay Cropped

Women's finance: Q and A with MindTribes CEO Div Pillay

One of the AFR’s 100 Women of Influence 2018, Div Pillay is driving change on many fronts, including as CEO of MindTribes, co-founder of social enterprise CDW (Culturally Diverse Women) and an ambassador for Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl campaign.

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Set and forget approach: Nic's story

Engineer Nic Joubert, who uses direct debits from his salary to automate his saving, says Six Park offers a simple way to invest across a variety of asset classes.

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Six Park Investment Advisory Committee update and annual review

Six Park's Investment Advisory Committee believes positive fundamentals still outweigh the uncertainties causing angst for investors and the media.

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Trr Episode 18 Facebook 1

The Richards Report episode 18: behavioural economics

We learn from the world's leading professors in behavioural economics in this special four-part episode of the Richards Report.

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Six Park Performance Update: November 2018

It was another difficult month for equities both locally and globally.

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Pete And Kristie Lockyer With Phoebe

Satisfied with growing nest egg: Pete and Kristie's story

Pete and Kristie Lockyer have been putting money away for their daughter Phoebe over years. They explain why they made the decision to invest for her future.

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Keep Calm And Carry On Investing

Keep calm and carry on investing

The past few months have been a turbulent period for investors, but investors who manage to hold their nerve during difficult conditions are usually rewarded over the longer term.

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Catherine Robson Cropped

Women's finance: Q and A with financial planner Catherine Robson

Catherine Robson remembers vividly when her mother told her: “Women are only ever one husband away from poverty.” That statement was pivotal to her journey to financial independence.

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Trr Episode 17 Facebook

The Richards Report episode 17: Big League Advance

Big League Advance takes Moneyball to the next level, investing in minor league baseball players and buying a share in their future earning capacity.

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