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Performance Update: November 2017

For a second successive month, we saw all asset classes post positive returns, tempting us rename our “NO vember” report to a more upbeat “YES-vember UP-date”.

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Should you invest in bitcoin? Six Park's view

Hype surrounding bitcoin is at frenzied levels. Ted Richards explains why Six Park is taking a measured view on the digital currency taking volatility to new levels.

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Advisory Bd

Six Park financial outlook for 2018, and a review of 2017

Six Park’s Investment Advisory Committee meets regularly with management to examine global financial markets, economic and geo-political conditions, our investment portfolio performance/construction, the ETF market, and a “Watch List” to assess potential market disruptions on the horizon (Six Park IAC member Paul Costello calls this “pothole spotting”).

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Thanksgiving at 6 Park Avenue

Thanksgiving is a time for family, food and football in the United States and for most Americans, including Six Park CEO Pat Garrett and his family, Thanksgiving is as special as the Christmas holiday period.

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Performance Update: October 2017

Halloween may have brought October to a haunting end, but Six Park clients had no reason to be spooked.

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How to internationally diversify your Self Managed Super Fund

Self-managed super fund trustees are generally aware of the benefits of diversification, but many trustees still focus their investment portfolios in just two assets: Australian shares and Australian property.

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Performance Update: September 2017

​While September proved to be a disappointing month for local shares and bonds, a strong upswing across US, European and Japanese markets helped drive the Six Park portfolios up +0.1% to +0.8%.

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Trr Episode 6 Sixpark

The Richards Report episode 6: Susan Oliver, entrepreneur

Susan always wanted to be a businesswoman. She grew up in Bairnsdale, in eastern Victoria, where she had few role models for her chosen career path.

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Adrian Cretu Barbul

Six Park appoints CTO

Six Park has welcomed Adrian Cretu-Barbul as the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

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How to choose a good robo-advisor – six questions you should ask

Robo-advice has been used in the US and Europe since around the time of the Global Financial Crisis, but it’s still relatively new to Australia. Before you consider using a robo-advisor to manage your investments, learn about what robo-advice is best suited for and whether that meets your needs.

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