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Damian's Story

​Damian Worsdell started learning about the importance of saving at a young age. He is combining his childhood lessons with a modern investment approach to shape his own financial future.

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What the hell is robo-advice?

After chasing a football for the last 16 years in the AFL the competitor in me has moved into my new career, chasing investment returns. I joined Six Park a while ago and I’m now helping Australian investors create their own diversified portfolio of investments. When I explain to people what I’m doing now the first question they rightly ask is “What the hell is robo-advice”, which is quickly followed by “So what do Six Park do”?

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7 deadly sins of investing - and how to avoid them

​Whether you’re new to the world of shares and exchange-traded funds or you already have an established portfolio, it pays – literally – to be aware of the pitfalls that can trip up even experienced investors.

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Robo Advice

What is Robo Advice?

Automated investment services come in many shapes and sizes.

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Change is coming - understanding the changes to super rules before July 1

Big changes are on the way for Australia’s $2.2 trillion superannuation scheme, with wide-ranging new rules coming into effect on July 1. The changes represent the biggest reforms to superannuation in a decade or more.

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In The News

We have recently had an increase in media articles

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Performance Update: April

When the renowned poet T.S. Eliot declared “April is the cruellest month” (, he clearly wasn’t referring to the financial markets of April 2017.

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Debunking the top myths about robo-advice

Six Park is an automated investment service backed by Australia’s preeminent investment experts. We are typically placed in a sector known as “robo-advice”

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A peek into Six Park after one year

Investors have been using Six Park’s automated investment management service for almost a year now.  With our team of preeminent experts and sophisticated technology, we believe that we offer the best value-for-money proposition of any such service in Australia. So, some data points on our business as of 15 April, 2017…

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Performance Update: March

Australian Shares, Global Infrastructure and Emerging Markets led the charge in March. International Shares

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