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Six Park Performance Update: April 2019

The Six Park portfolios added between +0.5% and +2.5% in April, with our higher growth portfolios benefiting most from the ongoing equity market resurgence.

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How To Choose Best Etfs Six Park Dave Blumenthal

How to choose the best ETFs (exchange-traded funds)

Choosing the best ETFs available is not an easy task. Learn how Six Park analyses the exchange-traded funds we use in our portfolios from our director of strategy and analytics Dave Blumenthal.

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Trr Episode 25 Facebook

The Richards Report episode 25: Cade Massey

Investing and football are both immensely competitive fields, requiring people to make decisions in an uncertain world that's surrounded by noise. In this new episode of The Richards Report, Ted Richards talks to Professor Cade Massey, who specialises in decision-making, influence and negotiation.

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Angela Thompson Sharesight Six Park Women In Finance

Women in finance: Q and A with Sharesight's Angela Thompson

Angela Thompson is the digital marketing manager at Sharesight. She has transformed herself from a finance novice to a confident investor with a portfolio of ETFs that she manages herself. She speaks to Six Park head of communication Erika Jonsson about her investing journey.

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Six Park Performance Update: March 2019

After recording one of their worst quarterly performances in a decade in December, equity markets staged one of their strongest rallies in almost 10 years, with both global and local sharemarkets gaining more than +10% in the first three months of 2019.

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Lessons for life: Rando's story

Rando Yam and his wife Yvonne want their daughter to learn about the principles of saving and investing from a young age.

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Balanced approach: Glenda and Trevor's story

Glenda and Trevor Newman turned to Six Park to help them make the most of their retirement.

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Shivani Gopal 0005 Pink

Women in finance: Q and A with The Remarkable Woman CEO Shivani Gopal

Shivani Gopal was recognised as one of Inside Small Business’ Top 50 Small Business Leaders last year, while Cosmopolitan Magazine named her among Australia’s top career women. Her social enterprise, The Remarkable Woman, empowers women to achieve their goals personally, professionally and financially. She speaks to Six Park head of communication Erika Jonsson about the importance of financial independence.

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Paul And Sally Earl With Sons Perry 6 And Remy 3 Image 1

Marshmallow philosophy: Paul and Sally's story

Paul and Sally Earl named their self-managed superannuation fund after a series of studies on delayed gratification.

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Six Park Performance Update: February 2019

The Six Park portfolios added between +1.3% to +4.6% for the month. On the back of the strong equity market resurgence in January, our rolling 12-month returns are now +4.8% to +8.1%.

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