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The Richards Report episode 10: Lindsay Tanner

Former Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner talks about political malaria, football and investing in social good in the 10th episode of The Richards Report.

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What is an ETF?

ETFs are the building blocks of Six Park's portfolios. Learn about what they are and why we use them.

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Correction, not a crash: Six Park’s view

Six Park CEO Pat Garrett shares his thoughts on last month's market correction and how the company responded.

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Six Park performance update: January 2018

January was a relatively benign month for investors, especially compared with the market volatility seen in recent weeks.

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The Richards Report with Jobe Watson

The Richards Report episode 9: Jobe Watson, ex-AFL player

Former Essendon captain Jobe Watson talks to Ted Richards about bitcoin and investing, as well as his time away from football in New York City and what he’s learned on the journey.

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Six Park shortlisted for awards

Six Park and its CEO and co-founder Pat Garrett have been shortlisted for the prestigious Fintech Business Awards 2018.

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How to choose a good robo-advisor – six questions you should ask

Robo-advice has been used in the US and Europe since around the time of the Global Financial Crisis, but it’s still relatively new to Australia. Before you consider using a robo-advisor to manage your investments, learn about what robo-advice is best suited for and whether that meets your needs.

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How robo-advice can make you a better investor

Robo-advice doesn't involve actual robots, but it does use smart automation and technology that can give you an edge as an investor.

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Six Park performance update: December 2017

2017 was another strong year for the Six Park portfolios. Despite a mostly flat December, our portfolios ended the year with gains (after fees) of +3.7% to +11.2%

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Trr Episode 8 Facebook

The Richards Report episode 8: Robin Powell, investment journalist

Robin Powell is an investing journalist who's interviewed Nobel Prize winners. Ted Richards talks to him about passive investment, closet trackers and more.

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