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Paul And Sally Earl With Sons Perry 6 And Remy 3 Image 1

Marshmallow philosophy: Paul and Sally's story

Paul and Sally Earl named their self-managed superannuation fund after a series of studies on delayed gratification.

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Six Park Performance Update: February 2019

The Six Park portfolios added between +1.3% to +4.6% for the month. On the back of the strong equity market resurgence in January, our rolling 12-month returns are now +4.8% to +8.1%, showing the benefits of patience and investment diversification.

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Mark Nicholson

Q and A with Six Park IAC member Mark Nicholson

Mark Nicholson joined Six Park's Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) in January, bringing exceptional experience and investment judgment.

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A Goal Without A Plan

I'm doing it: how to set goals that stick

If your New Year's resolutions have fizzled, you're not alone. How can you go from dreaming to doing?

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Question Mark

Should you invest in 2019?

Good news makes investors nervous. And bad news makes investors nervous too. Investors are always prone to be nervous because the future is unknown. So what can you do?

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Women in finance: Q and A with Heffron co-founder Meg Heffron

Meg Heffron and her husband Martin came up with their business concept while travelling Australia in a Landcruiser Troop Carrier. More than 20 years on, they're leaders in their field. Meg speaks to Six Park about Heffron's growth and how she became a specialist in self-managed super funds (SMSFs).

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Trr Episode 22 Facebook

The Richards Report episode 22: Aussie Firebug

The Aussie Firebug is 29 years old and already planning to be retirement-ready. He explains the FIRE movement to Ted Richards in a new episode of The Richards Report.

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Stacey Rice Six Park Investor

Learning through necessity: Stacey's story

When Stacey Rice's husband was made redundant, the couple needed to tighten their belts financially. The lessons they learned have benefited them since that time.

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Ben Mabon Cropped

No longer a nervous investor: Ben's story

Cricket Tasmania player development manager Ben Mabon has been a Six Park client since March 2018 and started investing as a way to build a savings nest egg.

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Six Park Performance Update: January 2019

Equity markets rallied strongly in January and the Six Park portfolios added +1.3% to +4.2% for the month, with our higher growth portfolios benefiting most from the broad-based sharemarket rally. On a rolling 12-month basis, our portfolios are up +2.7% to +3.3%.

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