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Six Park Performance Update: May 2018

Equity markets continued their rebound during May, with global property and local shares leading the charge and all but two asset classes posting positive returns.

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Trr Episode 12 Sixpark

The Richards Report episode 12: John Stensholt

What traits do the members of the Financial Review Rich List share?

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The Banking Royal Commission: why momentum is building

The Banking Royal Commission continues to reveal serious problems in the wealth management industry - in particular, conflicts of interest, high fees and a lack of transparency. It's no coincidence that awareness and trust of robo-advice in Australia is gaining serious momentum at the same time.

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Six Park Performance Update: April 2018

Equity markets rebounded in April as solid corporate earnings and an easing in global trade war concerns helped restore investor confidence.

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The Richards Report episode 11: Catherine Robson

Financial planner Catherine Robson shares her tips and advice to get ahead at any age.

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SMSF Expo: your top questions answered

Why diversification is critical to your investments, why low fees matter, why everybody's talking about exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and what does it all mean? Find out in this short article.

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Asset diversification: why you need to look beyond Australian shares

Diversifying your investments beyond Australia is important to allow you to harness greater potential for returns, by ensuring a single underperforming asset class doesn’t weigh you down.

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The banking royal commission: the questions you need to ask

What does electricity have to do with the banking royal commission and your investments?

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Six Park Performance Update: March 2018

Six Park Performance Update: March 2018

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A world view of investing: Mike's story

UK-born Mike Tooke takes a global approach to investing and believes international markets offer significant opportunities.

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