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Adrian Cretu Barbul

Six Park appoints CTO

Six Park has welcomed Adrian Cretu-Barbul as the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

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How to choose a good robo-advisor – six questions you should ask

Robo-advice has been used in the US and Europe since around the time of the Global Financial Crisis, but it’s still relatively new to Australia. Before you consider using a robo-advisor to manage your investments, learn about what robo-advice is best suited for and whether that meets your needs.

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Richards Report Episode 5 Brian Watson

The Richards Report episode 5: Brian Watson AO

Brian Watson has come a long way since handling ticket money as a 12-year-old.

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Always striving for peak performance: meet Hugh Peck

From competing in Hawaii's legendary Ironman World Championships to playing drums in a punk rock band, Six Park's chief operating officer Hugh Peck is always challenging himself.

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Six Park website shortlisted for design award

Six Park’s website has been shortlisted in the 2017 Victorian Premier’s Design Awards.

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How robo-advice can make you a better investor

Robo-advice doesn't involve actual robots, but it does use smart automation and technology that can give you an edge as an investor.

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Classic films about money (and the lessons they teach)

Money’s a popular subject in Hollywood, but there are some blue-chip classics that deliver real-life lessons worth learning. The 1980s make a solid contribution, supported by a ’60s kids classic and a mostly true story about sport.

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Performance Update: August 2017

All of the Six Park model portfolios posted gains in August, aided by strong advances across almost all asset classes. Overall, our portfolios were up +0.3% to 1.0% for the month and have now returned +1.4% to +7.5% on a rolling 12-month basis.

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Trr Episode 4 Sixpark

The Richards Report episode 4: Alex Zaika, Head of Wealth at BlackRock Australia

For this episode of the podcast I’m speaking with Alex about diversification. To listen to the podcast click on the link below.

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A new way to invest: Hannah's story

Hannah, 26, started looking for a new way to invest when she discovered her financial planner had failed to fulfil explicit requests she had made for her investments.

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