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A model way to invest: Jess Picton-Warlow's story

Jess Picton-Warlow is one of Australia’s hottest exports on the international runway circuit, having modelled for Dior, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Prada and Burberry (to name just a few). Jess talked to Six Park head of communication Erika Jonsson about life in New York, her plans for the future and her journey with Six Park, which began in January.

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Six Park Performance Update: July 2019

The Six Park portfolios posted gains of +0.9% to +2.7% in July, lifting our rolling annual returns to +6.4% to +12.0%. ​

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Trr Episode 29 Facebook

The Richards Report episode 29: Nick Stone

Nick Stone has moved from AFL football to coffee entrepreneur via investment banking. He talks to Ted Richards about his career evolution and business philosophy.

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Six Park Performance Update: June 2019

Six Park's overall returns for the 2018-19 financial year ranged from +5.8% to +10.8% - a pleasing result considering sharp market declines from October to December.

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Trr Episode 28 Facebook

The Richards Report episode 28: Sophie Elsworth

Personal finance writer Sophie Elsworth talks interest rates and shares her advice for reducing your mortgage and insurance premiums.

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Bella Williams Fierce Girl Finance Six Park

Women in finance: Q and A with the Fierce Girl's Guide To Finance

Reading the Fierce Girl’s Guide to Finance is like having a conversation with a (very) sassy friend who has mastered the art of life and wants to make sure you can too. Erika Jonsson talks to Fierce Girl in Chief Bella Williams about why she started her blog and what she wants people to know about money.

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Shannon Jenkins 3

Embracing independence: Shannon's story

When Shannon Jenkins' relationship ended last year, she realised how much she had depended on her partner to manage their finances. She chose Six Park to help her manage her investments.

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Erika Award

Erika Jonsson a finalist in Women in Finance Awards 2019

Six Park is proud to announce that our head of communication, Erika Jonsson, has been selected as a finalist in the national Women in Finance Awards (marketing professional of the year).

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Six Park Performance Update: May 2019

Six Park's rolling 12-month returns are up +5.5% to +9.3%.

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Michael Twaits Six Park Director 1

Q and A with Six Park board director Michael Twaits

Michael Twaits joined the Six Park board at the end of April after a 20-year career with the investment banking arm of Toronto Dominion Bank. Michael speaks to Six Park head of communication Erika Jonsson about his love of numbers, his motivation for joining the Six Park board, and his hopes for robo-advice in the Australian wealth management landscape.

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