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Trr Episode 37 Sixpark

The Richards Report episode 37: Ellen Jackson, Potential Psychology

Ellen Jackson from Potential Psychology is a psychologist, internationally published writer, speaker and consultant. She talks to The Richards Report about stress and anxiety during the time of COVID-19.

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Aerial 4

How to weather storms as an investor

Six Park co-founder Pat Garrett shares how his personal experiences have shaped his investment philosophy.

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Investment Advisory Committee outlook: March 2020

At its recent meeting, Six Park's Investment Advisory Committee was united in the view that current conditions do not warrant any change to Six Park’s asset allocations.

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Six Park Performance Update: February 2020

Six Park's portfolios ended the month down as fears about the rapid spread of the coronavirus dragged global share markets sharply lower in February.

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Betsy Westcott Ladies Finance Club

Women in finance: Q and A with Betsy Westcott, Ladies Finance Club co-founder

Betsy Westcott is the co-founder of Ladies Finance Club, which aims to empower women to take control of their financial futures and get money-savvy in a fun and fresh way. Betsy shares her mission to help women build the financial skills to create security, happiness and success for themselves and their loved ones. ​

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Six Park Performance Update: January 2020

Six Park's portfolios had a strong start to 2020, with global shares and property the leading performers.

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Six Park Performance 2020 Quote

Six Park model proving its value to investors, businesses

Six Park's strong 2019 performance results demonstrate how technology combined with expert human insight are enabling everyday Australians to benefit from affordable, professional investment management.

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Trr Episode 35 Sixpark

The Richards Report episode 35: Ben Carlson, Ritholz Wealth Management

Ben Carlson is the author of Don’t Fall for it - A Short History of Financial Scams. Ben is also a Director of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz Wealth Management in the US and the person behind the fantastic blog, A Wealth of Common Sense.

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Six Park Performance Update: December 2019

2019 was a very strong year for the Six Park portfolios, which gained between +7.9% and +23.1% in the calendar year.

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Six Park 2019 performance and outlook for 2020

Six Park investors reaped returns of up to 23.1% after fees in 2019. Investment committee chairman Brian Watson AO said 2019 demonstrated conclusively why the Six Park model should appeal to people with a need to invest wisely over the medium to long-term.

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