Ryan Brown Six Park Robo Advisor Client
Client stories

How Ryan saved time and stress by switching to a robo advisor

Ryan Brown used to spend a lot of time managing his own investments. “I’d done some short-term trading with reasonable success, but it was stressful and time-consuming,” Ryan says. The 30-year-old product manager began researching how to invest through robo advice.
Client stories

“Investing is possible”: Katrina’s story

For Katrina Streatfeild, making the decision to invest has been powerful in many ways. “I wanted to feel that I was able to have something of my own, to have the sense that I was capable of making that decision.” 
Six Park client Frank Ayles believes he has found the best way to invest
Client stories

The best way to invest: Frank’s story

After deciding the best way to invest, Frank Ayles has not allowed market volatility to change his commitment to a long-term investment strategy with Six Park.
Six Park case study Shannon Jenkins
Client stories

Embracing independence: Shannon’s story

When Shannon Jenkins' relationship ended last year, she realised how much she had depended on her partner to manage their finances. She chose Six Park to help her manage her investments.