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Women in Finance

Gemma Dale Nab19

Women in finance: Q and A with Gemma Dale, nabtrade

Gemma Dale is the host of Your Wealth podcast, a weekly podcast for investors that features insights and updates from market and finance experts across a range of topics. She speaks to Erika Jonsson for the Women in Finance Q and A series.

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Women in finance: Q and A with the Fierce Girl's Guide To Finance

Reading the Fierce Girl’s Guide to Finance is like having a conversation with a (very) sassy friend who has mastered the art of life and wants to make sure you can too. Erika Jonsson talks to Fierce Girl in Chief Belinda White about why she started her blog and what she wants people to know about money.

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Angela Thompson Sharesight Six Park Women In Finance

Women in finance: Q and A with Sharesight's Angela Thompson

Angela Thompson is the digital marketing manager at Sharesight. She has transformed herself from a finance novice to a confident investor with a portfolio of ETFs that she manages herself. She speaks to Six Park head of communication Erika Jonsson about her investing journey.

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